Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Social Media Marketing: Different Types of Content to Share

There’s no doubt social media marketing is something in which businesses must get involved. However, for some brands, it’s still a new world, and that means the learning process is ongoing. One of the challenges is to keep your various social media platforms fresh with daily content that continues to engage your audience.

Sometimes brands overthink their social media strategy, and they often get carried away by trying to create viral content. However, some of the most successful brands on social are focused more on standard material that picks up decent engagement levels. Therefore, this is what you should aim for, and this article provides some tips on what to post.

1. Visual content

It’s now proven visual updates will pick up higher engagement levels than non-visual content. Although, there are some platforms where visuals are more important than others this general rule applies to all social media sites. Of course, this doesn’t mean that everything you post should be visual because variety is essential as well but consider if your social media is eye-catching enough.

There are numerous ways that you can use visuals. However, one of the best solutions is when you can combine text with images, especially if you wish to promote blog content. Visuals also give you an opportunity to brand your material which is excellent if one of your updates goes viral.

2. Motivational quotes

When you’re struggling for ideas, motivational quotes offer a useful solution. Quotes are undoubtedly popular on social media, and you will engage your audience by using them. If you want to maximize the benefit, then you will want to make sure they are relevant to your business.

A few online tools can assist you in finding the right material, and in keeping with the first point, you will enjoy higher engagement levels by making them visual. Also, remember you can use this same general strategy to create sound bites such as advice to post on social media. Again, the critical thing is to relate it back to your business and crucially your audience.

3. Polls, competitions, and user-created content

If you want to engage your audience one of the best strategies is to get them involved directly; the simple fact of the matter is they will love providing their opinion and are more likely to buy from you just because you asked. Therefore, post polls and surveys on your social media pages seeking views on various subjects.

Twitter polls, in particular, can be quite popular and provide a quick and easy method of gauging an opinion. Competitions can also lead to a lot of engagement especially if the incentive offered is relevant and exciting to your audience. You can also seek user-generated content such as sharing your audiences’ social media posts or providing an opportunity for them to tell their story on your blog. Of course, you can link this back to your social media.

Social media marketing is so important to nearly every brand, so it’s vital you can always update your pages with fresh content. Hopefully, this article has provided some ideas on how you can do that. The critical types of content to use are visuals, quotes, along with competitions and polls to get your audience involved.