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9 B2B Online Marketing Strategies You Can Implement for Free

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have an expansive marketing budget to generate leads. With a little expertise, time investment, and a solid game plan, you can promote your products or services for free in the online sphere.

Write Easily Digestible, Succinct Articles for Your Website

Self-promotion these days is all about content marketing, which functions to increase your SEO. Don’t rely solely on the written word, however. Nobody wants to read a long, nondescript webpage in which the content is not broken down. Diversify your content to hook in your readers. While it’s important to draw a user’s attention to your writing, understand that “content” is not all about your words. Spice it up with images, incorporate infographics, and use bulleted lists to get your message across. Today’s users, however, don’t have time to read long web pages.

Create a Webcast or a Podcast

Webcasts and podcasts are straightforward means by which you can provide content for your customers, thereby generating visibility for yourself and your brand. Webcasts and podcasts position you as an expert in your field and allow you showcase your knowledge as a market influencer and a problem solver. However, don’t assume that these channels of communication involve merely getting on a podcast and talking about whatever subject comes to your mind. You must interact with your audience. Question and answer sessions are fantastic, therefore, as are interviews with other influencers in your field.

Offer Free Downloads

Every time a customer downloads one of your freebies, they’re going to have to provide you with their contact details. That makes following up with them afterward via cold calling a much more straightforward process. It’s not a cold call, in that case; it’s more of a warm call. So, what can you include in your free downloads? Whitepapers, customer case studies, e-books, and excel templates are all great ideas.

Newsletters via Email Marketing Campaigns

A focused, targeted campaign is something customers are less likely to associate with spam emails. A company newsletter is not hard to put together, and it can function to remind your email subscribers that you exist.

Make YouTube Videos

While YouTube is an excellent source of content marketing dissemination, Google can’t index your spoken word on a YouTube video. Therefore, aim to write a 300- to a 400-word blurb in the description field of your YouTube video. Apart from the investment in a microphone and a camera, YouTube videos cost nothing, and Google will index your content if you include a well-thought-out description.

Get Involved in Online Forums

Every industry has one or more market-specific online forums. Let’s say you’re a business-to-business expert. You, no doubt, have advice you can give to others, insights to share, and questions you can answer. People remember the user who gave them the best advice and participating in online forums in the role of an expert is a great way to gain visibility.

Leverage the Power of Twitter Chats

Identify where your customers are and get involved in Twitter chats. These chats are pre-planned discussions organized around a specific hashtag, or topic. Like forum marketing, Twitter chats are a great way to participate in and build relationships with a community of like-minded individuals. If you’re looking to engage with an audience and to potentially direct users to your website, then Twitter chats are for you.

Be Present LinkedIn and Facebook

LinkedIn is geared toward business-to-business sales and networking, while business-to-consumer networking is representative of Facebook’s model. Whether you’re on LinkedIn or Facebook, getting involved in discussion groups is a fantastic way to generate leads. It’s a soft sell, because you can promote your product or service, and no one feels uncomfortable about your sales pitch because you’re on a platform in which that type of behavior is expected and even welcomed.

Cross Promote

Cross promotion is achievable both online and offline. If you’re a customer in a local market, the chances are that, if you receive a link from a complementary company that offers similar services, you’ll click on it. Cross promotion can be as simple as guest blogging, appearing on another’s podcast, or driving traffic to another’s website by linking to that website on your page in exchange for the same. It’s a great way to tap into a market or a client base to which you might not have access.

Gaining exposure for your business doesn’t have to be costly. With a few creative marketing ideas and your expertise, you can be well on your way to promoting your products and services online.