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3 Apps for Bar Owners and Bar Managers

As a bar owner or manager, you supervise areas such as beverage inventory management, drink quality, and current and relevant marketing. Each process is time consuming, so one way to boost your efficiency is to turn to a few top-notch mobile apps. Here is a look at three.


  1. TapHunter


TapHunter helps you reach customers, and once they are hooked, helps them stay engaged. Here’s how:

.   You can keep your menus updated via one click of a button.

.   Customers can follow you to stay current on your drinks list.

.   The changes to your menu automatically update on other platforms where you have menus, such as on social media and your website.

  1. Mixology


3 Apps For Bar Owners And Bar Managers

Mixology is a handy and versatile go-to app for drink preparation. Bartenders do not need to feel lost again, and you can standardize the bar’s drink-making process.

.   This app is good for training new hires and for meeting varied patron requests.

.   You can choose from metric or American units.

.   The selection of drinks is diverse and includes low-calorie offerings.

.   There are about 8,000 recipes and more than 1,000 ingredients to learn about.

  1. Bevinco


Beverage inventory management need not be tedious when you have Bevinco. This app aims to streamline a process that otherwise could be a major time drain.

.   Bevinco offers quick scanning and weighing of bottles and cases, open or unopened, with a specific focus on liquor and beer.

.   You can connect inventory information with your POS.

.   The app helps with accountability to ensure employees are pouring the right amount or not overdoing freebies.

.   You can do the work from multiple devices.

Bevinco, Mixology, and TapHunter get you well on the way to covering many bases. You can streamline your inventory processes, your customer outreach, and the training of new hires with just a few clicks.

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