Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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3 Cheap Ways to Keep Your Computer Cool

The parts inside computers get hot when they run. While this doesn’t sound like a problem to start with, when parts overheat, they don’t work well. Consequently, your computer’s performance suffers. Here are some ways to help your computer stay cool and performing as best it can.

Airflow is Important

Airflow is critical to keeping a computer cool. As parts of a computer heat up, they also heat up the air inside the computer. Fans push this hot air out, which then gives space for cooler air. If your computer is pressed up against a wall or shoved inside a desk cupboard, then the internal fans won’t be able to push out the hot air.

Make sure you leave 3 to 4 inches of space around the computer, so the fans have enough room to do their job.

Keep Things Clean

If you do not vacuum your carpet for a month, dust and dirt build up. The same thing happens with a computer, and this isn’t good for performance.

You should clean the inside of your computer on a regular basis to make sure parts don’t clog up and stop working. Cleaning means removing all dust and dirt, even if you have to unscrew a few parts to get to hidden dirt.

Keep It Closed

You may think that taking the computer’s cover off will cool it down by increasing airflow, but it doesn’t. Opening the case of a computer will allow more dust and dirt to get inside, and this (as you know from tip No. 2) will clog up components like the fan. Always keep the computer’s cover on.

So there you have it, three ways to keep your computer cool and performing without spending a penny.