Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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7 Content Marketing Opportunities

Are you looking to jump onto the next big trending Twitter hashtag? While content opportunities like “The Dress” in 2015 might not happen every day, there are still countless other events and hashtags that you can jump on. Here are a few ideas of when to post your next big social media post:

1. Holidays. Every new holiday is sure to be talked about on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media websites. Always keep seasonal content ready for Thanksgiving, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and whatever holidays exist in your region.
2. Unofficial holidays. Prominent marketers often overlook minor observances, such as Black Friday, April Fool’s Day, Safer Internet Day, and so forth.
3. Conventions and Summits. Where are people gathering for special or important happenings? Some great examples are SXSW, E3, World Business Forum, BlogHer Conference, and 99U. Plenty of major companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Oracle also hold their annual developer conferences.
4. Sports events. The Super Bowl is perhaps one of the best days to post related content on Twitter. Of course, there’s plenty of other championships events happening in baseball, soccer, and even wrestling. Plus, over 20 million people watch the Olympics.
5. TV shows and events. The Grammys and Oscars will always be trending during their respective times of the year. Another great time to tweet is when favorite television shows are airing, especially during premiers or finales. Try making content related to your favorite shows.
6. Deaths. It’s always tragic to see it happen, but our favorite celebrities pass away sooner or later. You can use these events to reflect on all the changes those figures have made in the world. Celebrate their most significant achievement and how they helped impact you and many others.
7. End of the year. December always brings about the “year in review” articles. You’ll find plenty of “best of” and “worst of” lists for the previous year. What were the best/worst marketing techniques of last year? Which startups rocked?


Generating high-quality content that produces clicks isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself jumping on the latest bandwagon or trending hashtag. It might not always be the content you wish to focus on, but it’s something that will help bring eyes to your blog or social media account.