Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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A Sign of Good Organisation

How many of us have entered a building to attend a meeting or an appointment and found ourselves confronted by a number of unlabelled doors This situation can make even the most confident person feel uneasy and can be very frustrating. This is why the use of door signs is just as important as staff name tags and desks signs. It gives visitors instant directions to your office, along with a good overall impression of your business.

As well as door signs, you can add cubicle and wall signs to your business too. Wall signs are an excellent way of directing people round the office and along corridors to the appropriate room. They can be purchased in stylish designs with lettering and colors that stand out and look impressive. You can choose a design to suit your individual requirements and buy them in large quantities at wholesale prices – this will obviously make your purchase much cheaper and more worthwhile.

Another added advantage of these signs is that the names can easily be inserted and removed from the door or wall and moved to a new position, without the need for removing the whole sign. This is ideal if you are planning an office refurbishment in the future, as it saves you the trouble of purchasing new signs. You can also add an “Occupied” or “Unoccupied” sign if you wish to prevent annoying interruptions during a meeting or consultation with a client.

To complete your office and workplace signposting, you could display an impressive board in your reception area or at the entrance of your building. This should list all the supervisors, management, technical staff, etc. by name and indicate which floor and area they work to help visitors locate the right place immediately. This could also operate on an insert and removal system, thus allowing you to move your staff around if necessary and adjust your name tags accordingly.

Although you may not have thought too much about signposting your office and other business areas, it is very important to adopt good organization in this department. With the aid of just a few signs, you can help to ensure everything runs smoothly and continues to create a good impression to all who visit.