Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Are You an Innovator? How Can You Get “Followed”?

Creating good content that gets noticed, and promoting yourself or your business through social media takes ongoing energy and talent. In some cases, it takes daily re-birth. If you have trouble with the concept of re-birthing yourself, you’ll benefit from joining a team that helps fill the gap, or by gathering around you cohorts or staff members who have the components you or your business is missing.

Don’t be Old News

If you’re a consultant of any sort, by the time you get around to saying what’s already been said, it might be old news. It’s important to be timely and relevant. It’s not enough just to watch the 11 o’clock news. That won’t keep you abreast of the world’s rapidly changing mindset. It is that mindset that you need to pay attention to.

It’s not enough just to namedrop or rehash the concepts and quotes of popular thought-leaders and innovators. With so much accessible information online today, it has never been more important to be unique, to offer your readers something of value, and to become a thought leader or trendsetter of sorts yourself.

To stay primed and ready for your personal daily re-birth, you’ll need to tap into the thinking processes of thought leaders and innovators. Tap into the right people and look deeper. Ask why they do what they do and why they say what they do. Chances are their motivation is much deeper than trying to win a popularity contest or to make a quick buck (though making money is certainly why they do what they do too). Look at why they’ve achieved the notoriety they have. What is it about them that people gravitate to? What makes them inspiring?

Look at what or who is influencing them. Draw your own deductions about their concepts. Create your own theories. Then be reborn by what you learn. Use your rebirth to push you forward, to make you stand out.

How to Tap Into

The best way to tap into current thought leaders is through social networking. If you have even an inkling of someone becoming a trendsetter, follow him. Then go through his conversations, his friend’s lists and his groups to see who he partners with. Dig deep. Discover what inspires this person. Make a note of what inspires you in your discoveries.

Having connections with the right people at the right time bodes well for you, but creating your own following takes more than being linked to the right people. If you’re to be followed, re-Tweeted, linked to, commented on, checked into, and so on, you’re going to need to do daily homework and then to scrape together your own “what if” ideas. That means thinking with your right brain as well as your left. Your right brain is the creative, artistic, emotional side while the left is the logical one. The right brain sees beyond facts and figures. It sees potential.

Tap into Innovation

Today’s great products, theories, and trendsetters are marked by one word—innovation. Innovators see the possibility in every situation. They can take the simplest inspiration or current event and use it to their advantage.

Innovation is stimulated with right brain “workouts”. Some people need more intentional workouts than others do. The logical left-brained thinker, for instance, is often so out of touch with his right brain that he fails to understand how small things lead to innovation. Right brain activities or exercises might repel the left-brained thinker. His personality wants no part in “silly” games.

If you’re more left brained than right, you might benefit from the challenge of right brain exercises. If you can’t bring yourself to do them, collaborate with someone who is right brained so that you can take your organization to the next level. To adequately partner with such a person might mean letting go of some of your long-held stereotypes.

Today’s thought leaders can quickly become tomorrow’s old news quickly. They can shoot themselves in the foot. They can get carried away and cross lines that damage their reputation. They can become repetitious. Yesterday’s latest and greatest craze becomes part of history as it is quickly replaced. This is why daily re-birth is so necessary.

Today, innovators are worth their weight in gold. It is innovators that inspire, that create paradigm shifts, that launch new products and that give people something to talk about. You need an innovator’s edge to be a frontline leader today.

So how will you work on your edge? How can your logical left brain take your right-brained ideas into the marketplace so that you stand out? How can you resist rehashing the ideas of others and come up with new ones yourself?