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Article Re-Writing for Freelance Professionals

Many internet business professionals who recognize the benefit or article marketing, dynamic website content and regular blog posting require article re-writing services.  Freelance writers can fill this need and create relatively simply profits with little research or time.  Offering an article re-writing service to website owners and businesses online requires careful attention and exact marketing techniques.

Things to Avoid in Article Re-Writing

Re-writing articles come with many pitfalls to avoid.  The biggest one is the matter of copyright infringement and stolen articles.  Most online business professionals purchase private label right (PLR) article packs or write their own articles, and then need them to be re-written for multiple uses.  Unscrupulous people may try to get a freelance writer to re-write stolen articles.

Freelance writers should be wary of these tactics and make use of search engines and tools such as Copy space to check for the original use of the articles they are asked to re-write.

Effective Article Re-Writing Techniques

Offering article rewriting services in your freelance writing business can help business professionals eliminate the use of software content spinner applications to come up with unique content.  Never use programs that simply replace synonyms to rewrite articles, website content, or blog posts for clients. If you do spin articles, be sure to input your own synonymous phrases so the result is clear and in competent English.

The A professional freelance writer should be able to rewrite an article in its entirety to maintain both keywords and strength of information and the readability and style of the piece.  Attention must be given to the intended use of the article: inform, entertain, or call the reader to action.

Before rewriting the article, read the entire thing through once.  This will allow you to recognize what information is included as well as get a feel for the style and rhythm of the writing.

Rewrite the article so that it is unique.  The general rule of thumb from major search engines is to have at least a forty percent uniqueness factor.  Individual clients may require different levels.  Changing the order of words or paragraphs does not always help with uniqueness factors, so rewriting must be more extensive than that.

Recommendations for Selling Article Re-Writing Services

With the increasing number of online business professionals, freelance writers can always find work rewriting articles.  While the pay per article will be low, the work is relatively quick since it requires no research or extensive creation.  There are two options to maximize income from article rewriting services: rewriting more articles or rewriting multiple times.  Both services can be profitable for your freelance writing business.