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Content Marketing: Different Types of List Articles to Write

It’s clear content marketing has become essential for so many businesses these days. Of course, finding the time to write the articles is one thing, but you also need to think about those all-important ideas for content. List articles are known to be more popular than regular content, and this article aims to help you come up with ideas for them.

1. Articles about stats or data

One of the great uses of list articles is the ability to rank things in a specific order. Of course, you can decide on such an order yourself, but it’s usually better if you can use some data to add authority. When you use stats, it means you can refer people back to the source if they debate your content. It’s well known that it’s harder to argue against facts than opinions.

2. Content that provides tips or advice

Another great possibility for list articles is to use them to provide tips or advice on a subject. Unlike traditional articles, it’s very easy to pinpoint the detail you want your readers to understand and absorb. Also, someone can scan the article and easily see the main points without having to spend a long time looking for them.

3. Incorporate visuals or graphics into your list content

Sometimes list articles don’t even need to have a lot of text, and you see plenty of brands taking advantage of this point. Although visuals and graphics can work with any type of content, they really work best in list format. Images combined with text works great as well as tweets, videos and different ways to visualize data. Once your content has been enhanced by visuals, then it may attract more attention and be shared across social media.

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It’s clear list articles have so many different uses, and it’s an innovative idea to include them in your content marketing strategy. However, coming up with enough ideas at times can be a challenge, so hopefully this article has helped with that. Simply remember to write content around data, advice and to incorporate visuals when appropriate.

Content Marketing: Different Types of List Articles to Write