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Brands prioritizing news and trend watching over content hubs meant to be of service to their target customers are going to find their content marketing efforts offer little ROI (return on investment). Yes, you read that correctly. Let that thought sink in for a minute while you sheepishly think about your current digital marketing strategy.

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If your content team is pushing out blog posts like a busy barista at a Starbucks café, chances are good they’re not being given enough time (or money) to create quality, in-depth posts packed with helpful, sales-inducing information. Many of today’s well-known content marketing gurus post (ghostwritten) content so frequently you can barely keep up (you know who they are!). The priority seems to be rapid-fire content creation and distribution, not meaty morsels of data-packed intelligence that will drive sales for years to come. For brands hoping to use content marketing for long-term customer acquisition, the ‘dazzle them with your latest blog post’ approach is all wrong.

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