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How to Use YouTube to Drive Traffic to a Website

When starting a new website, or trying to expand one that is not currently receiving much traffic, it is important to get the word out to as many people as possible. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is with YouTube video content. Because of its incredible usefulness as an informational resource, YouTube is one of the best ways to get your content noticed by viewers who can then be sent to your site for more information. Here are the basic steps for using YouTube to drive website traffic.

Create Valuable Videos

The most important part of any YouTube traffic strategy is the video content itself. To get viewers to go to your website, you will need to give them helpful videos that contain the information they are looking for. Doing this establishes trust between the viewer and yourself and makes the viewer more likely to engage with your website content. Simply putting out videos that promote your website without providing value to the viewer is unlikely to draw any new visitors to your site.

Give Viewers a Reason to Visit Your Site

Though some visitors may visit your site organically, you will see much more traffic if you give video viewers a specific reason to seek out more of your content on your website. An excellent way to do this is to create a video that presents some, but not all, of the useful information, you can provide to your audience about a specific topic. Then, create an article or other video content that will be hosted on your site. Tell viewers in your YouTube video to visit your site for the more in-depth content, and you will begin to see a substantial uptick in site traffic from YouTube.         

Provide a Link to Your Site

Though it may seem like common sense, some video creators miss traffic by not supplying visitors with a link to the website they are trying to drive traffic to. Your link can be in the description of your video or inserted directly into the video, but it should be somewhere that viewers can access it easily and instantly. If you choose to place your link in the video description, be sure to specifically tell your viewers that is where it is in your video, as most people never read video descriptions.

Build an Audience with Frequent Content

Many people who create video content to drive traffic to a website make the mistake of thinking that one or two videos are all it takes. Though a small number of videos can drive some traffic, the real results come as video numbers and subscriber counts increase. By putting out valuable content on a regular basis, you can connect with the viewer’s multiple times, giving them increased opportunities to take the next step by visiting your site. More videos will also increase the overall number of views you receive on YouTube, allowing you to reach a broader audience.