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Ten Tips for Selling On Ebay

Every eBay seller needs a tip occasionally to help him or she sells more. Ever since I first became an eBay seller, I have received and given a lot of advice. Some of the advice that I have been given was useless, but I have strived to make sure that all of the advice I have given out has been useful. Here, I will tell you the ten best tips that have helped me become a better seller. I hope that they help you as much as they have helped me.

Accepting Payments: Especially on the smaller things, Pay Pal is the best way to accept money because people do not want to give out their card information, have the hassle of writing a check or have to find a place to buy a money order. I also recommend accepting money orders because some people do not have Pay Pal accounts. Also, keep your Pay Pal account a business or premier (premier is recommended for small sellers like me). This will cost more than a personal account, but you will be able to accept credit cards through your Pay Pal account.

Never ship until you have the payment from the buyer. I did this once, so the buyer could receive the game in time for Christmas, but I never received the money. I lost the cost of the game, the cost of shipping, my eBay fees, and was generally angry with myself for being duped like that.

Make your listing stand out from others. Use the gallery picture, listing designer, and subtitle (Buy all three together, and you will save most of the cost of the gallery picture). Put your listing’s title in all capital letters. This is almost as good as using bold lettering and does not cost anything, saving you $1 (it does not sound like much, but it adds up fast).

Always check recently completed listings of the same item you are trying to sell. This will allow you to figure out how much you can get for that item. Set your starting price or buy-it-now accordingly.

If you have the opportunity to sell hundreds of the same item, list them in only a few listings and try to set your price lower than your competitors. You will spend a lot less money and save a lot more time than if you were listing everything separately-especially if you are using gallery pictures. You will also be able to sell more because you can sell cheaper.

Always use the shipping calculator in your listings.  All you have to do is enter the weight, dimensions, and what you charge for the packing. The shipping calculator will tell your buyers exactly how much the item costs to ship. Ever since I started using the calculator, I haven’t lost any money on shipping since (I used to lose a lot of money on shipping).

Consider using 99 cents, no reserve auctions. If your item is worth it, it will sell for what you want. This trick can be risky, but it usually pays off. Usually, a listing with the words 99 cents, no reserve, will sell better than the same item that doesn’t. You will also save money on the listing fees.

Use your own picture whenever possible. This gives individuality to your listing and allows people to see exactly what they are getting. Listings with individual pictures will usually sell for more and have a better chance of selling than listings with stock pictures.

Think of your listing title as a one-line article, use keywords in the listing title. Also, there are 52 letter spaces that you can use for your title, use every one of them.

Always leave feedback, even when you do not receive it. Some buyers check the feedback a seller leaves in addition to the feedback he/she receives.

Doing these things will help you sell a lot more on eBay and for a lot less. Happy Selling!