Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Ten Ways to Promote Your Product

Launching a new product is incredibly exciting, but it can also be challenging. After all, it’s natural to want your product to be in as many hands as possible. If you want to make a lot of money with your item, you’ll need to make sure that you properly promote and market your product. Effective marketing can make a huge difference in sales and will directly impact how much money you’re able to make. After all, your product might be incredibly fantastic, but you won’t make money if people don’t know about it. No matter what you’re trying to sell, there are a number of ways that you can effectively promote your product to new audiences.

  • Talk about your product
  • Did you know that talking to people about what you’re selling can actually be an effective marketing tool? Don’t be scared to start discussions that gradually transition to pitching your product. While you certainly shouldn’t saturate your conversations with too much shop talk, it is okay to let people know what you’re working on and why it’s valuable.

  • Take advantage of your social media platforms
  • If you’re already active on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, make sure that you take advantage of these marketing platforms. Utilizing your social media presence is an incredibly important aspect of marketing. Make sure that your followers know about your product and that you let them know where they can buy it and how much it costs.

  • Offer valuable coupons
  • Never underestimate the power of a good deal! Many consumers who wouldn’t normally buy your product might think twice if they have a good coupon. Consider offering high-value coupons for your product when you launch. This will inspire people to start shopping for your product and could get you some good sales.

  • Hand out business cards
  • Consider printing up some business cards with your product’s information on them. This can be especially effective if you give out your business cards at a networking party or other professional events. If you have local conferences that you can attend, remember that many attendees may be interested in buying your product, so pack extra cards to hand out to people you meet.

  • Work with product reviewers
  • While it may seem counterproductive to give away free products, keep in mind that product reviewers work with brands and companies on a regular basis to promote items, products, and services. Consider giving away your goods in order to get new reviews on Amazon and other sales sites.

  • Blog about your product
  • Do you have a blog? Have you blogged about your product launch? Let your readers know what they can expect from your item, how much it will cost, and how they’ll benefit from buying it. Make sure that you include plenty of pictures and information in the weeks leading up to your launch in order to get your readers as excited as possible.

  • Write a press release
  • If you haven’t already created a press release, you need to! A press release offers detailed information about your company’s history, your product’s history, and why consumers should buy your item. You’ll include the price and maybe even a valuable coupon. You can post your press release for free online where hundreds of potential buyers will see it.

  • Share your product’s picture on Instagram
  • If you haven’t used Instagram, consider taking some pictures of your product and sharing them with your followers. Other users will not only see your picture, but they’ll be able to comment on it, as well. Use hashtags to get even more readers and consumers interested in your product.

  • Make a YouTube video or commercial
  • Even if you aren’t technologically savvy, you could create a simple video to talk about your product. Consider sharing a brief, 30-second video of your product. Let people know what it does, why it’s important, and most of all, why they should buy it. Then share your video on YouTube and make sure that you include a link to your store.

  • Offer guest posts
  • Even if you don’t run your own blog, you can use blogs as a way to get more customers. Consider reaching out to other bloggers and offering to write a free guest post for them. It will give you a chance to talk about your product and you’ll get a link to your store or website in exchange.