Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Texas Music

The Lone Star State has a rich country music tradition that is still patterned by blue jeans and cowboy boots today.  Coupled with jazz, blues, Mexican folk and some pop music sung by the likes of Texas gals Jessica Simpson and Norah Jones, Texas music is as big as its hats.  In fact, many of the country’s most famous and influential hail from the state such as Willie Nelson, Buddy Holly, Waylon Jennings, Gene Autry, George Strait, and Tanya Tucker.

Of course, Texas as a few famous rockers to its credit as well with the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn and the bearded band ZZ Top.  And Janis Joplin, the rock legend, hails from the great state as well.  In fact, many of today’s upcoming music stars have discovered a great music scene in Austin leading many to term it as the new Nashville.                                            

Lighted City of Austin at Night – Heavy traffic on Congress

But many of the big Texas towns feature venues to enjoy all these types of music.  Texans especially love their festivals.  Current festivals on the horizon include the Los Fresnos Elvis Memorial Festival, Corpus Christi’s International Chopin Piano Competition, the South Texas Youth Stockshow, the Texas Citrus Fiesta, and many others featuring a wide variety of music that also includes gospel and even chamber music.

Although many Texans prefer to line dance the night away, other Texans have discovered its state’s music business to be a worthy way to be employed.  According to The Texas Music Office (a branch of the governor’s office), the Texas music business employs approximately 104,160 people working for Texas nightclubs, dance halls, record labels, recording studios, touring services, publishing companies, etc…

Live music is a beloved by Texans, and today’s biggest touring bands usually plan a stop in the big state.  Recently, roughly seven hundred live performers were slated to play at various venues throughout the state.  There’s so much to see in Texas, but be sure to take a listen the next time you mosey along from Texas town to town.