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10 Content Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses to Implement

Content creation has become integral to a serious online marketing strategy. The days of being able to focus on a single content type are mostly over, with most businesses using a vast variety of techniques. In fact, research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau found that the average company uses 12 different content marketing tactics.

Having a broad approach has become essential, but local businesses often find it challenging developing even one single tactic. While many local niches won’t require as much content creation as a global industry, it is still essential to have a content plan that reaches different groups. The following methods are all accessible to local business, enabling them to reach a diverse audience looking for ideas, opinions, facts, and more.

Client Case Studies

Interviewing clients can reveal a lot of information that potential new customers will find useful. A case study could examine the entire process of working with your business or could look at the results of your work. Each case study will vary depending on the type of business you operate, but there is plenty of scope for engaging content.

Brand History

Telling the story of your business can make insightful content, possibly as an article, video, or infographic. People relate more to brands when they understand the history and identity, so look for ways to turn your story into a piece of content.

Industry Interviews

Interviewing knowledgeable people within your industry should provide plenty of insight for customers. There may be well-known personalities who will speak to you, but an industry interview can work just as well with someone behind the scenes.

Product Creation Video

If you create your products, a demonstration video can be used to display the craft and diligence that goes into each item. People are typically intrigued by content that takes them behind the scenes, so why not use a video to show a production process that people wouldn’t usually see?

List Post

Creating a list is a popular way to gain attention, offering both digestible and useful content. It is possible to create a huge variety of lists, such as top products, favorite locations, industry events, and many alternatives. Lists also spark conversation, so your content can have an extended life as readers share their opinions.

Influencer Collaborations

The rise of influencer marketing fits perfectly with a quality content promotion. Although influencers don’t typically associate themselves with local business, it is still possible to find an effective collaboration. For example, an influencer not directly involved in your niche but well-known in your local region could present an overlap with your target audience.

Social Media Contests

Generating interest via social media can be tricky due to the high levels of competition. Running contests is a proven method for growing a following and increasing engagement levels. To avoid attracting freebie seekers, though, ensure the prizes are highly relevant to your niche.

Live Events

With most of your customer base located nearby, local businesses can hold live events and use the content in their marketing. You can promote a product launch, coaching program, or networking meeting as a video on social media and as a blog post.

Live Streams

While video has been popular for several years, live video is now reporting even higher engagement levels. Speaking directly to your customers via live stream will show a different side to your business and increase the level of accessibility.

Office Tour

An office tour is another way to provide behind the scenes footage, helping to grow your brand by increasing familiarity. An alternative would be a tour of your store, which shows visitors what to expect if they come to your location. While an office tour might not seem exciting to a business owner, it can hold great interest for people getting to know your brand.

By implementing some of these content ideas, local businesses can reach a broad selection of people. Many business owners struggle to find an angle from which to develop content, but even local niches can create material that connects with an audience. Each piece of content can also be repurposed and promoted across various platforms, allowing you to grow your brand in different locations. Content marketing has been one of the go-to strategies for many years now, so it is crucial that local businesses embrace it with a clear and comprehensive plan.

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