Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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10 Great Ways to Get Content Ideas for Your Website

Out of article ideas for your blog or website? Unsure of what to write about next? The internet has a vast amount of content everywhere and can give you plenty of ideas if you know where to look. Here are a few ways that writers and creators can use the internet to find new content ideas:

1. Buffer is a social media scheduling app that also recommends content you may be interested in. Simply click “Suggestions” underneath the “Content” section.

2. Digg is another great news aggregate that features stories from everywhere across the internet. It is an easy way to quickly get the hottest news from around the world.

3. Feedly is an extremely useful news aggregate that shows you all the new article headlines from whichever websites you are following.

4. LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media platforms for professional networking. LinkedIn Pulse features trending stories related to the world of business every day. You can also find articles from top business people, thought leaders, scientists, and experts.

5. Pinterest is great for finding photos of topics you are interested in. Additionally, the website is very popular among women and e-commerce consumers.

6. Reddit has numerous forums called subreddits that feature crowdsourced content at the top of each page. You can find information and have discussions about almost anything from world news to gaming to science.

7. StumbleUpon is an extremely fun site that allows you to browse various web pages based on their interests. You can view different articles, videos, infographics, games, and other awesome content for whatever kind of topics you are interested in.

8. Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. There are three main ways to get content ideas from Twitter: First, browse your feed for articles and content that people you follow have retweeted.

Second, participate in Twitter chats to get insight and ideas from experts in various areas. Finally, look on the sidebar to see which hashtags and topics are trending. Posting in these hashtags will certainly get a lot of attention.

9. Ubersuggest is an excellent way to get content ideas. Simply type in a word and the website will generate tons of topic ideas related to that keyword.

10. YouTube is endlessly entertaining and can also generate new content ideas. Try posting a video that your target audience might like. TED talks and Big Think interviews are two great ways to share the ideas of thought leaders and experts to your followers.

The internet is brimming with all sorts of content and ideas waiting to be explored. There’s no shortage of interesting and exciting stories. You just have to know where to look. Spend a few minutes brainstorming or browsing these websites for some good ideas for your next post.