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10 Marketing Methods to Get You Noticed Fast

Marketing: It is all about method and maybe a little about madness. It is about being noticed by a public that has so many advertisements shoved at them from so many places, they have become figuratively blind to them. It is about making an impression in a world that has a very short attention span.

Marketing campaigns don’t always have to be structured from a huge budget, but they do need to be effective. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can get counsel from professionals such as, a brand, and marketing company. If you feel confident to go it alone, the following 10 suggestions are a great start to an easy marketing plan that takes place on and offline.

Offline Marketing

1. Business Cards. One of the most effective ways of getting the word out locally about your business. Create a simple, yet eye-catching card and leave it everywhere. Leave it on the table with your tips. Place a few strategically in public restrooms. Pin it up on bulletin boards. People like business cards and respond well to them.

2. Sponsor a School Team. Want to generate gratitude and dedication? Sponsor a local sports team. The parents of the team players may use your service and then spread the word about your business.

3. Volunteer. Volunteering gives you the perfect opportunity to interact with other people in your community. Conversations naturally lead to professions, and you will have the opportunity to introduce your business to many people.

4. Find a Cause. Many people will become dedicated to your company if your company supports a cause that they hold true to their heart. It also portrays your company as one concerned with the community.

5. Freebies. Give out freebies whenever you can. Pens, notepads, key chains, mini-flashlights-whatever you decide. It’s helpful if your company name and phone number and website are on the gadget. Pass them out when you are standing in line at the grocery store, or when you are leaving a movie. Mail them out to existing customers with invoices, and distribute them at networking events. It’s an easy way to conduct self-promotion.

Online Strategies

6. Guest Post. Post on blogs that are popular, and make sure that you leave a relevant thoughtful comment on the selected article. Blatant self-promotion can be considered spam and can get your comment deleted. Submit an interesting story or article that will make the reader want to learn more from you. That helps drive traffic back to your website.

7. Community. Create a community online where people can meet to discuss a specific subject. Much like supporting a cause, this generates a social responsibility feeling about your business.

8. Avoid Email Marketing. People are no longer responding to a filled email box in a friendly manner. If you want to communicate with your clients directly, create a social media page for your company.

9. Make a Video. People love to watch videos online; create a simple video and post it on YouTube. Create a channel and theme so you can add new videos frequently.

10. Interact. Last but not least, always try to find ways to engage with people on your site, social pages, and blog. People want and love to feel connected.


The internet has opened up many opportunities for businesses around the world to interact with a larger audience. While most people praise this part of the Internet, it is also a very complicated issue for businesses at the same time. As more and more companies emerge, the number of competition increases. This increase forces all businesses to become more creative to attract clients. These simple, and cost-effective ways are perfect to make your brand stand out among all the competition.

10 Marketing Methods to Get You Noticed Fast
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