10 Upcoming Products You Should Start Dropshipping in 2018

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Whether you are completely new to drop shipping or already have a successful track record of selling popular products online, you’ll know that the key to success is finding products before they become mainstream. In this article, we’ve used data from Trend Hunter, Ecomhunt and Google Trends to identify ten upcoming products that you should start selling in 2018 before your competitors do.

1. Dimmable Vintage ‘Edison’ Lightbulbs
If you often browse the health sections of newspaper or magazines, you may have noticed articles about blue light over the past few months. Unlike colors with longer wavelengths, blue light waves are much shorter and penetrate right to the back of your eye’s retina.

Recent research has linked overexposure to blue light to everything from insomnia to weight loss. As LED lights produce a fair amount of blue light, the main culprits are the screens on computers, laptops, and mobile devices. However, many households have switched to LED bulbs due to their lower energy consumption than traditional bulbs.

Concern over artificial blue light has led to an uptick in interest in traditional incandescent bulbs, which emit less blue light than LED lights. Dimmable vintage ‘Edison-style’ lightbulbs have become a product to watch. Due to their high voltage, these bulbs have been phased out in certain countries and areas such as the European Union (EU).

However, you can still sell to Japanese, North American and South American customers, collectively more than 1 billion people. Lightbulbs are a great product to sell as few customers order just one bulb.

2. Feather Wings for Babies (photography props)
We’re truly living in the age of the photograph. More than 1.2 trillion photos were taken in 2017, according to research by Business Insider.

Besides professional models, babies are one of the most popular subjects so it comes as no surprise that photo props for babies are one of the hottest upcoming products. With Halloween coming up, feather wings for babies are bound to sell well on visual platforms such as Instagram, IGTV, and Facebook if you take the right photos of adorable babies wearing them.

3. Wooden-framed Alarm Clocks
These striking alarm clocks housed in natural wooden cases are the perfect blend of old and new. They are trending heavily, according to Google Trends, and are definitely a product to watch. Surprising as it may seem, awareness over the dangers of overexposure to blue light may also be behind the rise in popularity of this product.

How so? People wanting a good night’s sleep are advised to turn off their phones instead of taking them to bed with them. A return to traditional alarm clocks is one of the ways that people are getting around the need to have their phones with them at night just for the alarm function.

4. Reusable Straws
In June, Seattle and San Francisco announced that they would ban single-use items such as plastic straws while companies including America Airlines and Starbucks have indicated that they will follow suit. While these bans are perhaps not particularly good for bubble tea sellers, they are good news for anyone who is concerned about the environment.

They could also be responsible for reusable straws becoming one of the top upcoming products to watch. Available in a wide range of colors, styles, and materials, reusable straws are perfect if you already have a kitchenware store or are in an eco-friendly niche. There is definitely an increasing demand for this product as they help people use less plastic.

5. Diamond Ice Cube Trays
One of the most exciting new twists on the humble ice cube tray, these novelty trays are perfect for party hosts or anyone looking to host a special event. These ice cube trays help anyone create perfect diamond-shaped ice cubes and are trending strongly according to data from Ecomhunt.

These trays will do well on visual platforms such as Instagram if you create photos of the ice cubes being used in different settings. You could show girls enjoying a girls’ night or even someone hosting an engagement party. Whether your store is already in the bridal niche or you are wanting to move into this area, these trays are worth trialing.

6. Weight Loss Bio Magnetic Ear Stickers
If you’re in a weight loss niche or are looking to carve out a niche for yourself, you may not have heard of biomagnetic ear stickers. By applying pressure to a specific part of the ear, they stimulate blood flow and help people shed the pounds.

Provided you refrain from making wild claims and use neutral language such as ‘may aid weight loss’, you should do well with this product. Marketing them with photos of people wearing them while working out or jogging should see them do really well. As the validity of this product was provided by acupuncturists, they would also make a very good product for anyone in that niche.

7. Magic Door Mats
No, these aren’t something from Aladdin – they are an emerging product that is perfect for households around the world this fall and winter season. This product is so-named due to the way that its innovative top surface seems to make mud and dirt disappear.

In reality, the clever use of microfiber helps grab dirt and contain it. If your niche is in the household category, Google Trends data indicates that demand for this product is starting to rise and it’s definitely one product to watch this fall.

8. Reverse Umbrellas
This item is incredibly niche and is the kind of product that your customers probably aren’t searching for, but once they see how handy it is, they’ll wish they’d thought of it. The reverse umbrella is an innovative redesign of the traditional umbrella.

As the name suggests, its clever design means that it can be pushed fully upwards, and reversed, stopping raindrops and moisture from falling on you or in your home or car once you have finished protecting yourself from the rain.

They also come with a hook handle, making them easy to store. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, your customers are bound to find one that suits them. Prior to 2018, this kind of umbrella wasn’t well known and searches only started to increase in April, according to Google Trends.

This fall could see another surge in interest. It’s also eligible for e-package shipping, making us happy enough to be singing in the rain about it.

9. Dog cooling mats
With wildfires in California and Australia proving just how hot and dry this summer really is, one of the best upcoming products is dog cooling mats. Perfect for any e-commerce or dropshipping store in the pet niche, this emerging item was not well known until a few months ago but now it’s taking off.

This mat keeps dogs cool in hot and humid weather or during long car trips. The pressure-activated gel inside the mat provides a low-temperature surface for pets to relax on. Dog owners will love the comfort and health benefits that these mats offer to their four-legged friends.

Provided that you buy or create plenty of enticing photos of cute dogs modeling this product, you should do very well by offering this item to your customers.

10. Cordless lawn trimmers
Traditionally, lawn trimmers are too heavy and bulky to do well with dropshipping. However, thanks to improved lithium-ion batteries, the latest range of battery-powered cordless lawn trimmers are cheaper, lighter and sleeker than before.

Cordless trimmers are not only much easier to ship, but your customer will also love how light and comfortable they are to use, too. It’s been an incredibly hot and sunny summer all over the world and lawns have been growing like crazy.

If household goods are your niche or if you own a general store, these trimmers could help you capture all the customers who are looking to restore some order to their lawns.

Keep using resources such as Trend Hunter, Ecomhunt and Google Trends to find products before your competitors do. Amazon, AliExpress, and Alibaba continually promote new products, so be sure to check out their home pages on a regular basis.

We’ve identified just ten out of countless products that you can try selling right now. Keep your eyes on the news for health and environmental concerns (such as blue light and plastics bans) that may help you spot the next big thing before anyone else does.

10 Upcoming Products You Should Start Dropshipping in 2018