10 Ways to Immediately Start Selling at the Office

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Conventional techniques work good enough to put food on your plate, but you’re not looking for table scraps. The money is out there, and you want a piece of the action. Following the crowd isn’t doing it for you. That’s why you’re here looking for answers.

There are a few unconventional suggestions that you should consider. You can get to the next level by applying a few of these methods. Take what you learn from this guide, and make it your own. Here are 10 ways to immediately start selling at the office.

1. Work Smarter Not Harder
Putting in more effort isn’t always beneficial. You can spend 18 hours following the wrong program, and you could come home every night without two pennies to rub together. You’ll hear all kinds of advice leading you to believe that the way to success is all about grinding every moment.

The truth is that efficiency pays more, and it takes less work. If you have the ability to set your own price, then try increasing the cost. You’ll save time by cutting out small deals, and you’ll bring in more profit from reliable customers.

Track your results when pitching. Find out where the top twenty percent of your sales are coming from. Focus on that avenue, and drop everything else. Staying busy for the sake of staying busy is a waste of time. You won’t feel insecure about being lazy when your wallet is thick.

2. Duplicate the Actions of the Successful
You probably know about someone who does exactly what you do with great success. Set your mind on discovering every detail about their technique. Just try not to put too much weight on what they say. Great sellers often can’t understand why they’re able to close deals.

Look at what they do, and implement your own ideas to improve upon their style. You can apply this to any role-model that you want to duplicate. Don’t put them on a pedestal, and don’t blow your hard-earned cash on endless book recommendations.

3. Be Fearless
You’ve got something that people want. Sell it to them. It can’t get much simpler than that. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s worth buying. You aren’t the purchaser. If they hate you, then that’s a good thing. You just dodged a bullet without jumping through any hoops.

You aren’t running a circus here. They are throwing money at you to get what you have. Grab a big bucket, and catch all the nickels. Stage-fright during a pitch is just your body getting excited at those extra zeros in your bank account.

4. Don’t Compromise
It’s gonna save your skin to come up with a solid guideline of what you are willing to do. Never compromise your integrity for anyone. There should be a price that you’ll never dive below. Limitations exist to stop you from losing profit over a sob story.

Do you have a disgruntled customer that always gives you trouble? Drop them. You don’t have to struggle with unreasonable people. There’s no amount of money in this world worth sacrificing your peace of mind. It’s easy to see that the higher paying customers tend to be very agreeable.

The right associates want to make money, but they don’t want to create drama with a representative. Don’t do business with someone that feels it’s necessary to raise their voice toward you. Let them bother your competition with that nonsense.

5. Remember the Human Element
If you get your leads from a manager, then you better believe that they are likely cherry-picking the best ones. It may seem like a transparent environment, but them manager’s favorite workers almost always get better leads. They want the top producers to have the greatest chance of closing.

Do you use a call management program? Ask about your call filters. You might be having a rough sales week because the cards are stacked against you. Maybe you’ve out-shined the team, and they are trying to keep the field balanced.

A manager might just be snuffing you out because you remind them of an uncle they hate. The human element is always present. Buy your own leads. Clear your own path. Watch how fast you’ll get to the top of the ladder.

6. Sell From an Emotional Angle
All customers have their own motives for buying. You’ll need to seriously consider the perspective of your client. Some entrepreneurs can’t even recall any product features after a pitch. There’s nothing special about your product that’s going to set you apart.

They’ve probably had the same old conversation with dozens of representatives that sound just like you. They aren’t really buying based on quality. The real transaction is selling yourself as an understanding provider.

Assumptions are going to lead to repeatable results. Know your target demographics. Sympathize with the issues that they face. Be realistically honest. Gaining trust is more than perfecting a solid pitch. You should be getting paid because they like you.

7. Avoid Shaming Tactics
Holding a client’s words against them is the worst course you can take. Your trainer might advise you to parrot ridiculous shaming tactics. Don’t let a bad trainer pull you down with them.

You’ve got a client on the line. The customer is going to come up with some excuse near the end of the pitch to back out of the deal, so you force them into a corner. You’re told to ask the client if they’d be willing to make a purchase. You start every pitch by asking that question. They can’t find any way to object to you because your script is air-tight.

They say they need to think about it, but you’ve got a trick up your sleeve. You remind the client that they said they were willing to buy right now. You caught them in a lie! They have to buy now! Isn’t that what you’ve been taught?

You’re living in a fantasy-land if you think that’s going to work. You don’t close deals by making enemies.

8. Drop the Pseudoscience
Smiling at yourself in a mirror isn’t going to put dollars in your pocket. Positive thinking is worthless without positive action. Practicing mock conversations for two hours over lunch isn’t going to make calling easier. Building healthy relationships with coworkers won’t close a single sale for you.

Only one thing matters when it comes to business. Fill in the blank. You’re either broke with a head full of ideas, or you’re swimming in gold with an actionable strategy.

9. Don’t be a Pushover
You’ve had a front row seat to a lot of hard days. The road has been tough. You didn’t get where you are to get pushed around. Take charge of your career. You’ll never make it anywhere in sales without first taking control of your life. How can you be the top-dog if your moves are being made for you?

Independence is priceless. Don’t give it up for anybody.

10. Cover Living Expenses First

The quickest way to fail is by working under pressure. Stress is the greatest liability to a confident seller. No one can concentrate on their pitch when the rent depends on making the sale.

Save six months to a year worth of expenses. You’ll feel like a superhero the next time you go out on that sales-floor. Being able to walk away is a killer sales tactic. Utilize it.

Invest in Yourself

It’s easy to generate revenue when you let your money work for you. Take some of the weight off of your shoulders. It’s all about making your life more enjoyable. That’s why you’re working so hard.

Invest in your career. Spend money in ways that make your job easier, and don’t forget to smell the roses along the way.
10 Ways to Immediately Start Selling at the Office
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