10 Ways to Significantly Improve Your Brand’s Digital Marketing

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Are you a small business owner who wants to increase profits for your entrepreneurial venture this year? Or a startup founder wanting to attract potential investors and media attention to your under-the-radar startup company?

One of the smartest moves you can make as a business builder is to understand the importance of digital marketing for brand growth. Understanding how digital marketing works for everything from reputation management to improved brand loyalty is essential if you want to build a thriving business.

If you’re ready to go all-in on business growth this year, following are 10 ways to significantly improve your brand’s digital marketing efforts.

Upgrade Your Company’s Storytelling Strategy

One of the first actions you should take to improve your brand’s digital marketing is to upgrade your company’s storytelling strategy. Posting on Facebook is not a storytelling strategy. Telling your brand’s story is critical for everything from customer acquisition to SEO (search engine optimization) and vendor partnerships.

Make sure your storytelling strategy includes multiple components like who will be responsible for your brand marketing, which platforms you’ll tell your story on, and how the return on investment will be measured to ensure storytelling success.

Develop a Detailed Consumer Communication Strategy

Creating a detailed consumer communication strategy for your business helps you build a strong voice for your brand with your target audience. Each member of your team needs to understand how you want your brand represented to consumers and how you expect them to behave when having conversations with existing and potential customers.

A communication strategy should include things like chatbot communication restrictions, customer service communications over the phone, media queries to your business, and social media communications.

Create a Mixed-Media Outreach Plan

It’s no longer enough to simply have a basic content marketing strategy for your business.

Today’s content consumers are a savvy bunch. Your content marketing efforts need to include multiple media formats including live-streamed video, audio content (podcasts, interviews, etc.), and interactive content like quizzes and website/social media polls.

If you create a detailed mixed-media outreach plan and continually tweak your plan to include new technologies, you’ll set your company apart from competitors in your market.

Hire a Customer Experience Specialist

If you truly want to improve your brand’s digital marketing, one of the smartest moves you can make is to hire the services of a customer experience specialist. A CX specialist will help you see your brand from your customers’ perspective and point out areas you can improve customer interactions with your company.

Customer experience can be anything from the way the shopping cart/checkout procedure works on your e-commerce website to how phone calls are routed on your business’ phone system.

When you start to see your business from your customers’ perspective, you suddenly begin to spot opportunities to improve your digital marketing. You’ll stumble upon blog post ideas to share with your audience, social media campaign ideas, and even visual marketing ideas to share your new-found wisdom.

Develop a Customer Review/Testimonial Strategy for Your Brand

Too many business owners think customer reviews and testimonials just magically happen or can be purchased from online content farms. Nothing could be further from the truth. Consumers are increasingly looking to social proof from their peers before making a purchasing decision.

If your business doesn’t have authentic online reviews and positive brand testimonials on your website, you’re going to lose business to competitors who have invested in a customer review/testimonial strategy.

Be sure your strategy includes details on how you will secure brand reviews, who will be responsible for monitoring brand mentions online, and who will be in charge of tracking your competitors’ online reviews.

Create an Annual Blogging Calendar

Blogging is awesome for digital marketing supremacy, but it can’t be conducted in a haphazard fashion. For business blogging to work for your brand, you must take a strategic approach to content creation and distribution.

Create an annual blogging calendar so you know which themes you’ll be discussing each month and how those themes will tie into your company’s social media marketing strategy. The more specific you are with your blogging calendar, the likelier it is you will be able to create informational content to serve the needs of your target customers.

Refine Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Speaking of social media marketing, one crucial mistake many business builders make is to spread themselves too thin across multiple social networking platforms. If you want to improve your brand’s digital marketing ROI (return on investment), you might want to consider reducing your social media marketing footprint. No, this doesn’t mean you stop building your brand on social media networks.

It means you become more strategic in the platforms you’re using to connect with consumers. If you’re spending a great deal of time trying to connect with consumers on Twitter, but a large percentage of your target customers are on Reddit, you’re wasting your time on Twitter outreach. Understand which social media networks your target customers prefer and then go all-in on those platforms.

From Snapchat and Pinterest to Facebook and Instagram, the key to social media marketing is to be where your customers are. You might even need to try building a presence on conversational platforms like Discord and Telegram for truly effective social media marketing outreach.

Create a Voice SEO Strategy for Your Company

On the topic of conversational outreach, creating a voice SEO strategy is absolutely critical for improved digital marketing ROI. The number of consumers using voice inputs for search engine queries has skyrocketed.

If your business doesn’t have a voice SEO strategy as well as a traditional search engine optimization strategy, you’re going to lose out on potential consumer connections to voice-optimized competitors. Understand how customers speak their queries instead of typing those questions and ensure your website and social media feeds are optimized for local discovery.

Double-Down on an Influencer Marketing Strategy

You might think influencer marketing isn’t necessary for all businesses, but you would be wrong in your assumption. Influencer marketing doesn’t mean hiring the likes of Kim Kardashian to represent your small business or startup.

Influencer outreach is all about understanding who your customers’ peers are and who they turn to for purchasing advice. Once you understand who your target customers respect and admire, you can then develop an influencer outreach strategy for your brand.

Influencer marketing can be anything from working with bloggers to obtain brand mentions on their websites to working with Instagram influencers within your company’s market sector.

Upgrade Your Business’ Images

One final thing you can do to increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts is to upgrade your business’ images. Are you using high-quality images on your blog posts or resorting to stock images thousands of other brands are using?

Are you creating custom graphics for your social media posts or letting Twitter and Facebook automatically pull images from the links you share with your social media audience? The more effort you put into upgrading your company’s visual marketing, the higher your audience engagement will be with your content.

Integrate these 10 digital marketing strategy tips into your business’ brand-building efforts and you’ll be impressed at how quickly your company’s online reputation will grow. Digital marketing isn’t a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am effort; it takes time and effort to effectively grow your business online.

If you’re patient and dedicated to your digital marketing pursuits, the rewards of increased brand exposure and company profits will definitely come your way.

10 Ways to Significantly Improve Your Brand’s Digital Marketing
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