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Content Marketing: 5 Reasons to Use List-Style Articles

When browsing any popular website, it’s clear list-style articles are becoming very popular. People react differently to how they view this type of content as some embrace it while others merely label it as clickbait.

The critical thing is that it’s crucial to use these articles within your content marketing strategy, especially when your revenue model is based on generating high traffic to your website. The clickbait criticism is usually unfounded as a list article is not automatically clickbait. What’s important is your content is not misleading, and the title accurately represents the body of the content. So here is a look at some of the significant advantages of these type of articles.

1. List articles are just more popular than traditional content

There is usually an element of guesswork involved whenever writing content online. Even when following a formula there is never a guarantee on getting a set number of page views to a particular article. Some people like to write content based on Google Trends, and that’s certainly a strategy that can work. However, you will also find a lot of people will follow this, so it can be a very competitive business. The other problem is it’s only good for short-term views rather than gaining them over time.

The reason that a lot of popular sites use list articles is that they tend to be more popular. They also make it a lot easier to create content that brings views over a more extended period. Your users may return to your content again and again even months after it was initially published. The critical thing is that it should sound fresh whenever someone is reading it.

2. They offer more flexibility across social media

The most successful sites often enjoy a strong connection between their content and social media activity. Simply put, the more shareable your articles are, the easier it is to start to build up some good traction. As mentioned in the first point, list articles often receive views months after they were initially published. This means that the content can be re-shared across social media and this is a common strategy by some of the big brands.

List-style articles often provide varied content within them. Creative brands can use this to their advantage. For example, dissecting a point from the article and using it on social media to appeal to a particular section of your target market. It’s clear that something that appeals directly to a specific customer is an effective marketing strategy. It’s much harder to achieve these things with traditional content.

3. Titles lead to intrigue and improve clickthrough rates

The end goal with content is always for users to click on it, like it, and want to share it. This is achieved by writing popular, shareable, and high-quality content. Nevertheless, the first stage in that process is to create intrigue with your titles. Whatever sector a business operates in this technique can be used.

Again, it’s important not to write clickbait here and write titles that lead to intrigue rather than those that are misleading. For example, if you are reviewing content online and see a list article that mentions brands in your industry, you will be intrigued to know if your business is mentioned.

4. List content often leads to debates

Generally speaking, people will share pieces because they feel there is useful information or because they disagree with the material. Obviously, you are aiming for the content to include helpful information and it to be shared for that reason. However, creating debatable material is also a useful strategy to bring traction to your social media and website.

Even when a debate is not your intention, it often happens by default. This is because list articles are often opinion based and that usually leads to heated online discussion. Traditional pieces simply don’t cause that same emotional response on a regular basis.

5. They provide so many great options for graphics and images

One of the very best reasons to use list articles is the creatively that they allow. As previously mentioned, social media is one avenue for this. However, there is also the opportunity within the content itself. When it comes to a traditional article, graphics and images are hard to place because a break in the text is needed. Even then, there are only going to be limited opportunities.

List articles though can be put into a slideshow format or even when they aren’t there are still natural breaks due to the use of subtitles. These breaks provide a convenient place to insert graphics and images. The result of all this is a visually stunning piece of content that holds people’s attention and is more shareable.

Some sites can gain a bad reputation by exclusively writing list-style content. Therefore, it is advisable to mix things up a bit. However, list articles have so many advantages that it seems silly to not use them as part of your content marketing strategy. It is well-known that a lot of digital businesses live or die on their ability to attract high web traffic. So hopefully the information here can help you thrive.