Monetizing Extra Chairs or Rooms in your Dermatological Business

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Those in the realm of dermatology, med spas, and plastic surgery, know that keeping their clinic or spa open depends on their bottom lines. Aesthetic laser product-makers have discovered a way to increase returns while spending little time or money to do so.

The idea is to utilize the space or the chair that is empty on a given day, for other processes, uses, or techniques. Not only will these changes maximize services and profits, but they will also allow a service to “stay on trend” in new and different ways.

Here are a few ideas.

Considering New Equipment

Although it may seem counterintuitive to hear that investing in new equipment can raise a current business’ worth, just adding one machine might mean the service can keep appointments growing. If it does not already have an aesthetic laser, add it and use spare rooms or chairs for this treatment.

If no staff member is familiar with the workings of the laser machine, the companies that sell them can connect the company with marketing services, clinical training, dermatology consultants, and financing advisors. The risk for the business is small, but the benefits could be exciting.

In fact, there are machines so well designed and manufactured they may add another level to your dermatological endeavors. These devices might mean gaining a bit more prestige in your marketplace.

Dermatology Clinics

It is entirely possible that laser equipment will allow for taking on procedures and techniques that have not been offered in the salon or practice before. Some of the new services available for clients include:

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• acne correction
• tattoo removal
• other top-tier skin treatments

Lasers will attract new customers and will make them regulars in no time. The beauty of this equipment is that it can accomplish:

• correction without scarring
• no drastic pain
• correction of a multitude of skin concerns

Medical Spas

Another terrific perk that also increases the client-base is procuring the equipment to remove hair by laser for most skin iterations, including:

• Asian
• Hispanic/Latino
• Native-American
• Pacific Island

Plastic Surgery Practices

Plastic surgery clinics can receive a boon to their business when they add such a device requiring no surgery. Many patients would prefer not to “go under the knife,” but do not want to lose the privilege of skincare and improvement possibilities.

With laser machines, patients will be more willing to have dermatological work done. There will almost positively be a growth in the number of patients within a month. Also, the use of lasers can often result in the same aesthetic, clinical, and surgical potential as other processes. Expanding these techniques and methodology will result in the following:

• widen serviceability
• increase current approval status among patients
• build the patient list

Laser aesthetic device companies understand that ensuring its buyers know how to use the machines, how to market new offerings, write blogs, develop customer bonds, and use patient testimonials to sell services are a necessary part of their business obligation.

It could be time to consider adding an aesthetic laser device to an existing business so that the number of chairs and rooms in the business location remain filled with happy, satisfied customers.

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