Social Media May Not Be As Effective For SEO As You Think

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Search engine optimization is essential for any business trying to develop an online presence and build brand awareness. However, social media may not be quite as relevant as the experts thought.

Trying to sort out the effects of social media on SEO can be quite confusing, and the things once thought important don’t count for much. It is also important to note that local search engine optimization is much different than non-local search engine optimization.

Therefore, you must approach it differently, and this includes building backlinks.

Most Valuable Link Sources

Links in social media profiles were once thought to drive traffic and boost search rankings for local businesses, but that is not the case at all. Studies now show that the most valuable link sources for increasing search engine rankings are local community websites, local news, and education sites and local government websites.

There are a few other relevant sites, but links in social media profiles drove zero traffic and did not boost search engine rankings one bit. As far as local search engine optimization is concerned, the experts do not value social media at all. That includes all social media platforms.

Valuable Strategies For Building Local Backlinks

Building local backlinks is a necessary part of local search engine optimization, but it must be done correctly to be of any value. One of the most valuable strategies for increasing exposure is sponsoring local charities and charity events. People love companies who give back to their communities, and they will rally around them, even online. One of the most significant ways in which people show support is with their business.

The other most important part of the strategy is creating research-based content with a local focus. People are smart, and they want to know that the material they are reading is based on research and not opinion. They also want to know that the content and the study is relatable to local forums and businesses.

Speaking of research, it is now showing that the platform is just as important as the message. For instance, personal emails are a more efficient form of outreach for local links than social media. When it comes to outreach for local links, people are old fashioned.

They prefer a phone call or an email to a social media platform. Even building a personal relationship through one of these sponsored events are considered more valuable than outreach through social media. Surprisingly, social media platforms in their entirety don’t make the cut at all.

High-Value Authority

When it comes to local SEO, quality is more important than quantity every time. Link source diversity isn’t as crucial for local link building. Local SEO and link building is a specialized niche that needs a different approach than non-local search engine optimization.

The link sources need to have authority to be considered valuable, and this goes back to research. It is essential to do the proper research because it will show up in the link sources.

Social media doesn’t drive local search engine optimization. It is important to use local connections and information that relates to the community when building backlinks. Forget source diversity and concentrate on quality and research that people can value.

Take time to build those relationships that will benefit the business in the long run and try to make decisions objectively. Don’t spend a fortune on social media thinking there will be a significant return on investment because that just isn’t the case. Social media platforms do not pack the same punch when it comes to local optimization.

Social Media May Not Be As Effective For SEO As You Think
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