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3 Essential Steps to an Effective Content Curation Strategy

Content curation is a proven way for anyone looking for a way to establish authority, get more social media followers, and gain the upper hand when using a content marketing strategy to build a business. Content curation can be as simple as finding great content and sharing it.

However, the details of running a successful content curation strategy can be a bit more complicated and challenging. To get truly good at content curation, three essential elements must be mastered.

1) Discover

Finding great content is probably the longest part of the process. It is also the most important step, so spending a few extra minutes to discover content will be worth the time. Finding original information or stories no one else is sharing is crucial to a thriving content curation strategy.

When looking for unique content to curate, ideally, you’ll want to have a list of at least 25 websites to choose from. While it may be easy to find many more sites than 25, it is important to limit the number or you’ll be too busy filtering and hunting for content. One popular RSS tool named Feely can help organize and keep track of sites you follow.

Many expert content curators have a secret weapon that not only saves time but also helps them discover unique and relevant content to share. These content luminaries curate from other curators. By subscribing to newsletters and joining communities that relate to their niche or peers, they receive content often before it is posted on social media sites and spread to the public.

2) Read

Now that you have found original content that you can share, it is crucial to read it. Yet, reading content can be time-consuming, especially if it ends up being something you don’t want to share.

One way to save time is to stop reading the moment you know you won’t be curating it. If the content is not interesting or does not flow well, it is likely your readers will think the same. It is also best to stop reading and move on if you find content that is like something you may have shared earlier.

Whenever using a content curation strategy, it is always a good idea to read the entire article before sharing. While skimming over an article may save time, it may ultimately hurt you, especially if you missed something offensive or inaccurate in the article.

3) Share

Sharing is probably the one step in content curation that will take you the least amount of time but is important nonetheless. The content you curate will need to be shared across different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as many others.