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3 Fast Ways to Improve Your Everyday Writing

In the world today, almost everyone is a writer. Most jobs require various forms of writing, and much of our personal communication is done via some sort of instant messaging. With that in mind, learning how to write with clarity is essential to avoid the problems that come with miscommunication.

If you aren’t a professional writer, you may struggle to know how to make your writing better without spending a lot of time. There are three proven methods that will help you improve your writing fast.

Listen to What You Just Wrote

The most important tool you can use to improve your writing is to listen to what you just wrote. Reading aloud every sentence will allow you to pick up mistakes with ease. Good writers read audibly what they write to listen for issues with flow, word choice, and wordiness. Also, the process of seeing the word structure on the page as you read and listen will also help you identify what doesn’t work and make immediate changes.

Strengthen Weak Sentences

While there are exceptions, writing sentences with brevity in mind makes for clearer communication. Looking at every sentence for words that could be removed without changing meaning is effective. Aside from cutting all unnecessary words, you can also look to remove adverbs.

Adverbs are those words ending in “ly” that describe verbs and adjectives. For example, instead of “John stomped across the room loudly” you could write “John stomped across the room”. Adverbs are necessary at times, but they often tell about something happening instead of showing. By using active voice and removing as many adverbs as possible, the voice of your writing will be clear and concise.

Build Your Vocabulary Every Day

Many people stop learning new words after they leave formal education. Several studies have shown that people with large vocabularies are more successful in life and communication. There are simple ways you can learn new words every day. One of the best things you can do is search for an online vocabulary builder and start learning words for free.

Most of these sites have fun vocabulary games that make learning new words easy. It only takes ten minutes a day. Another effective way you can learn new words in context is to keep a dictionary close and look up every word you don’t know what you read or hear. You’ll see immediately how a word should be used in a sentence.

Ultimately, with consistent effort, making your writing better doesn’t require much. Taking the time to read what you write out loud will ensure obvious mistakes are found. Strengthening your sentences by looking for weakness in structure and learning new words will increase your ability to write well in less time.

As you use these methods every single day, you will notice a significant improvement in all of your written communications.