3 High-Performing POS Android Apps for Taking Credit Card Payments

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Your Android smartphone or tablet can be turned into a fully functioning portable cash register. Just install the right app so you can reliably and safely swipe payment from your clients’ credit or debit cards by way of a mobile card reader provided by your chosen software developer.

Transaction records are, of course, instantly saved to your POS account, so everything is tracked and electronic records can be pulled up anytime. And, because you will be asking for the customer’s email address or phone number in order to send a receipt either in the form of an email or an SMS text message, you can then use the additional customer contact opportunity for shoring up repeat business.

Here are three apps that enable you to do this. These apps can all be downloaded for free from the Google Play store.

Square Point of Sale – POS (Square, Inc.)

The free Square Point of Sale – POS mobile app lets you use your mobile device for accepting payments from American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa accounts of your customers. Tipping and signing are both accomplished right on the Android interface.

As for the funds, they are debited fast and will be in your bank account within the usual timeframe of one or two business days. A deduction of 2.75 percent per swipe applies to transactions in the United States. Additionally, this app also lets you record your receipt of gift cards and cash.

Credit Card Reader (Merchant Account Solutions)

An excellent alternative to the hugely popular Square Point of Sale – POS app, Credit Card Reader is an app that enables you to accept credit card payments using your Android smartphone or tablet. Funds are deposited to your bank account within the next day, minus 0.39 percent on qualified debit transactions. Once your merchant account is activated, you will receive your card reader within 24 to 48 hours.

SmartSwipe Credit Card Reader (CJTechApps)

Sporting an intuitive interface, the free SmartSwipe Credit Card Reader app adds ease and convenience to your small retail business, including the ability to export sales and payment transaction data into an Excel file. Like in Square Point of Sale – POS and Credit Card Reader apps, the credit card reader is free. A next-day deposit of funds to your account is also on offer.

There’s no better way to expand the functionality of your Android smartphone or tablet than to install the right set of mobile apps that help you accomplish business-related tasks anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, once your Android device is transformed into a credit card payment terminal, you may also consider adding barcode scanning capability into the mix, as well as important hardware such as a portable printer for paper receipts