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3 Hot Ways to Market an Auto Dealership

It seems every small town with a population of at least 10,000 has its own major dealership. Many smaller towns still have small, second-hand dealerships as well. In this ultra-competitive environment, it is important to be able to differentiate yourself from the competition. Here are  3  marketing ideas to help make that happen.                                                                    
Idea 1: Block Party/Barbecue

Everyone loves free food and good barbecue. This tactic might be especially useful in a small town, where there are few other competitors (as most of the major dealerships do this on a weekly basis). Get the word out about your party, and have your cars washed and ready for display. If you make any sales that day, that is great, but remember, your goal isn’t to make a sale…it is to make the customer remember you. That way when they need to buy a new vehicle in the future, they know exactly where to go.

Idea 2: Business Networking

Get to know local businesses, but especially, get in contact with local insurance agents. For this strategy to be it’s most effective, you want to see if they offer any sort of referral payment (as a dealership you can provide quite a number of them). Then, you want to leave your card, and offer your own referral program (if you have one). Do this for all of the insurance agents in town and any small towns in twenty miles, and you should do well.

Idea 3: Get a Website

No matter how big your dealership, you need an online presence. This is just common sense. Whether or not you expect a lot of direct traffic or not, you still want that presence and some SEO support for that website. When someone types ‘Car Dealership’ and your town’s name, you want to make sure you are at the top of the list.

With a strategy focusing on community outreach via parties/events, business outreach via business marketing/associations, and internet presence by having a fun and engaging website, you will surely see an increase of interest and traffic to your dealership. Combine this with a professional, motivated, and effective sales force, and you most certainly will increase your sales.