3 Ways To Put Her In The Mood

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In order for a woman to be in the mood for sex she needs to feel loved and respected not just minutes beforehand, but for hours beforehand. Something you do in the morning can effect how she feels about sex eight hours later. This article outlines 3 ways you can put your girlfriend or wife in the mood.

1. Do chores (without being asked)
There is nothing sexier to a woman than a man who does chores. It’s even sexier if he doesn’t need to be asked! If the garbage is full, empty it. If the dishes need to be put in the dishwasher, do it. No dishwasher? Wash the dishes! This will not only take chores off of her to-do list but will let her know she can count on you.

2. Give her a foot rub
Any kind of massage is a massage that is greatly appreciated. After a long, hard day she could likely use a bit of relaxation. Don’t mention anything about sex, of course, but a thoughtful message will definitely get you that much closer.

If you don’t end up having sex, you cannot get upset or mention getting sex in return for the massage you just gave her. Doing either will make her unwilling to accept more messages from you because she will know what you’re after.

3. Be nice
Sounds easy, right? It is! Even if you have an argument with your sweetie, you can still be nice. Calling her names or telling her all the things you think she is doing wrong is not the right way to get her in the mood. Even if you have an argument, you don’t have to rule out intimacy later on.

If you fight fairly and apologize later then she will feel much more in the mood than if you were nasty and simply expected sex without resolving the issues.

With any of these suggestions, you need to understand that you can’t do them only when you want sex. Women catch on to that very quickly. These things need to be lifelong habits.

3 Ways to Put Her in the Mood