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5 Artificial Intelligence Tools You Should Consider Integrating Into Your 2018 Growth Strategy

Are you tired of lackadaisical sales at your business? Do you want to kick your sales into high gear, but don’t know where to start? It’s time to stop feeling like less-than-stellar sales are a foregone conclusion.

You can significantly increase your business’ sales if you’re willing to integrate intelligence into your growth strategy.

Artificial intelligence, that is. Check out the following five artificial intelligence tools for business owners to see which ones can turbocharge your company’s sales in 2018.
Send Pulse


Send Pulse lets business owners to incorporate artificial intelligence into their email marketing, newsletter outreach, and SMS marketing. Add automatic email personalization, SMS time management, and content marketing optimization into your customer acquisition efforts. Upgrade your audience outreach simply by putting AI to work for your company. Who knew improved sales conversions were so easy, right?





Drift lets business owners add AI-powered digital assistants to their website, blog, landing page, or mobile app. Have real-time conversations with potential customers via an artificial intelligence assistant and convert tire-kickers into paying customers thanks to the detailed responses your assistant gives. Instead of having potential customers fill out forms to have their queries answered, you can give them instant answers (and improve your customer satisfaction ratings!) via your AI bot. #Winning!





If you would prefer to create your own artificial intelligence digital assistant, consider integrating Bottr into your 2018 growth plans. Their platform makes it super simple for business owners to create their own AI-powered bot. Create your custom bot, share it on your social profiles, or embed it on your website/blog. Once you check out Bottr for yourself, you’ll wish you had discovered it sooner thanks to its ease of use.





Is visual marketing part of your social media and content marketing strategy? If so, you need to add Cornea to your arsenal of awesome artificial intelligence tools. Their mobile application (available for iOS and Android devices) tells you which of your images are likely to get the most favorable reactions online. Stop creating and sharing images that get lackluster responses. Put AI to work as part of your visual content creation efforts and watch your engagement rates skyrocket.





If you’re a business owner who wants to reduce the time spent on content creation while increasing engagement at the same time, check out Lumanu. Their platform helps brands connect with creators of user-generated content.

Lumanu helps business owners measure their results, boost content based upon machine learning inputs, and even connect with talent agencies offers content creation as a service. Lumanu just might be the solution you’ve been looking for if you want to double-down on content marketing, but don’t want to spend an inordinate amount of time creating your own custom content.



Thanks to resources like these, it is now easier than ever for business owners to put the power of artificial intelligence to work for their companies. Investigate each of these tools for yourself to see which ones will help you drive sales results in 2018.

Artificial intelligence is the face of the future; are you ready to develop an AI-powered growth strategy?