5 Best Hashtags for Promoting Your Atlanta Small Business on Instagram

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If you want to attract more customers to your Atlanta small business, connecting with consumers on Instagram is crucial. With over one billion monthly active users (statista.com/statistics/253577/number-of-monthly-active-instagram-users), Instagram is a must-use social media networking and visual marketing tool. But how do you attract those ever-important eyeballs to your Atlanta small business? How do you stand out in a sea of eye-catching content on Instagram?

Optimizing your hashtags for discovery is absolutely critical for effective Instagram marketing. The more effort you put into devising a detailed Instagram hashtag strategy, the likelier it is your small business will enjoy increased Instagram marketing ROI (return on investment). If you want help turbocharging your Instagram social media marketing ROI, following are the top five hashtags your Atlanta small business should be using.


It will likely come as no surprise that the top Instagram tag for Atlanta is the #Atlanta hashtag. Ritetag classifies the #Atlanta hashtag as a ‘hot now’ tag (ritetag.com/hashtag-stats/atlanta), making it a must-use option for small business owners on the hunt for increased customer acquisition rates. Start adding this hashtag to your Instagram marketing posts and chances are good you’ll start attracting more local customers to your Atlanta business.


The #InstaAtlanta hashtag is another must-use option for Atlanta businesses on Instagram. While this hashtag won’t help attract eyeballs on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, it will likely increase your engagement rates on Instagram. Help attract customers in Atlanta and the surrounding area to your business and promote your community at the same time.


If you’re going to integrate the #InstaAtlanta hashtag into your Instagram marketing game, be sure to also add the #InstaGeorgia hashtag to your small business marketing efforts. Paired together, these two Instagram hashtags all but guarantee you’ll attract more attention to your Atlanta small business.


Using the #Georgia hashtag is an excellent option for small business owners wanting to attract attention from customers outside of the Atlanta area, but still within Georgia. Use this hashtag on Instagram and include the peach emoji (emojipedia.org/peach) for extra eye-candy for your target audience.

To make the most of your emoji game on Instagram, be sure to use the Atlanta flag sequence (emojipedia.org/flag-for-georgia-usga) for bonus points with your social media audience.


The final hashtag you should incorporate into your Atlanta small business’ Instagram marketing strategy is the #ATL hashtag. An abbreviation for Atlanta, this hashtag is also classified as ‘hot now’ by RiteTag (ritetag.com/hashtag-stats/atl) and is likely to increase your engagement rates on Instagram.

These are the five best hashtags for promoting your Atlanta small business on Instagram. Use these tags together or on their own and chances are mighty good you’ll enjoy increased follower counts on Instagram for your small business. What are your thoughts?

Are there Atlanta-related hashtags you’ve used to build your small business’ brand via visual marketing on Instagram?

5 Best Hashtags for Promoting Your Atlanta Small Business on Instagram
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