5 Free Methods for Measuring Twitter Success

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Increasing numbers of businesses are realizing the benefits of operating on Twitter. It offers an incredibly cost-effective way of engaging with customers or clients and can be an unbelievably powerful promotional tool if used correctly.

Engaging with Twitter can be intimidating for businesses and it can too often feel as though concrete results are difficult to measure. Fortunately, there are a number of methods through which any business can measure the success of its Twitter activities. You’ll be pleased to hear that none of the five methods listed here for analyzing Twitter impact will cost your business anything – they can all be done easily and for free.

1. Twitter

Twitter itself offers instant access to one of the most important performance indicators, which is the number of followers your business’ Twitter account has attracted. Followers are simply other users who’ve elected to be alerted with each new Tweet your business posts to the site.

You can also utilize Twitter to provide more general appraisals of your business’ activities by performing straw polls of your followers. These polls can be set-up easily and without cost on a number of websites, including Twtpoll and PollDaddy.

2. Website Analytics

You can measure the impact of Twitter using the same methods you employ to analyze traffic on your business’ website. Twitter restricts all Tweets to a length of 140 characters and because of this URL shortening websites have sprung up which will allow you to shrink any link for inclusion within a Tweet.

Measure the number of click-through referrals from your Twitter activities is as simple as measuring the traffic generated through the URL shortening service. There are plenty of these around and most are free to use. Some of the more popular are bit.ly, tiny.cc and the ultra-compact is.gd.

3. Twitter Grader (twittergrader.com)

Twitter Grader is a very useful tool that instantly grades any Twitter user’s account, ranking them against all other Twitter users and giving them a score out of 100. You’ll definitely want to keep track of your business’ position in the rankings.

Twitter Grader can also be used to find out more about any followers that your business has attracted. If you identify a follower with a high rank, it’s certainly going to be worthwhile keeping them happy, as anything they Tweet could have a significant impact on your business’ reputation, be it positive or negative.

4. Tweet Effect (tweeteffect.com)

Tweet Effect allows you to measure the individual impact each Tweet has on your business’ Twitter account. It tells you how many followers you have lost or gained with each Tweet and will allow you to better plan your Twitter strategy going forward.

You can quickly discover what type of Tweets excite people and which bore people to death and can afterward ensure that you focus on producing the former.

5. Twinfluence (twinfluence.com)

Twinfluence uses measurements such as reach and social capital to tell you how influential a Twitter user is. It’ll be worth keeping tabs on your business’ performance in this area so that you can see whether you are gaining or losing influence over time.

It’s also worth finding out whether you having any particularly influential Twitter users following you.

Reports are becoming more and more common of business’ feting the affection of influential Twitter users, providing them with free products in the hope that they’ll Tweet positive appraisals of these products. As the most influential Twitter users are generally well respected amongst the Twitter community, a product endorsement from one of these users can provide your business with a very valuable marketing boost.

5 Free Methods for Measuring Twitter Success
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