5 Key Points to Consider While Writing Product Reviews

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One of the easiest ways to make money from your blog is by writing great product reviews. When you write a review of the product, you have ample opportunities to make money. The only thing which really matters here is how great and useful your reviews are. Here are some key points on writing stunning product reviews

Affiliate marketers make a lot of money by writing product reviews. If you too aspire to earn extra income by promoting affiliate products, you should know how to write reviews that sell promoted products like hotcakes. A good review is that which helps buyers make a well-informed decision about whether they should buy a specific product or not.

While writing product reviews that make sales, you need to take five key points into consideration.

1. Visual Connection

One of the most important aspects of a great product review is a visual connection, which draws buyers into your content. You can build this connection by using images or videos of products you promote. You can’t sell (or pre-sell) a product in the air.

Buyers really need to feel the greatness of a product before they make a decision to buy it. Always use quality images or pictures or talking head videos so that consumers really know what a specific product looks like. Tell your buyers a great story to build an instant connection.

2. Product Details

The next stage of writing good product reviews is to provide a complete description of the product you want to promote. Most importantly, you need to showcase how a specific affiliate product will simplify the buyer’s life.

Apart from talking about the benefits, you also need to mention the negatives. If you only talk about the benefits at length, visitors may find it hard to make a buying decision. To gain the trust of buyers, you should take both the pros and cons of using a product.

Since it’s so easy to fall prey to scams, visitors should clearly understand what benefits using a specific product will bring them. In terms of product details or description, you need to write about the features, size, package details, benefits, etc. The ordering process is also an important part of product details.

3. Ideal Buyer Description

Every particular product is developed to cater to the requirements of a specific group of buyers. A good product is not good for simply everyone. While writing a product review, therefore, you should always talk about the ideal buyers for that product. The main goal of a product review is to assist the right kind of buyer to buy the right kind of products.

4. Call-to-Action

Once buyers have made up their minds to purchase a product, the next stage is to guide them towards the conversion goal. That’s why you need to include specific call-to-action in your reviews. While framing up the call-to-action part, you need to clearly tell what buyers can expect. A good idea, in this regard, is to have a look at the product page of the company (the merchant).

By looking at the actual product page or the company landing page, you’ll be able to decide how to create effective call-to-action. While writing the call-to-action section, you should always focus on increasing the number of click-throughs. Match the call-to-action with what the product will actually deliver.

5. SEO

Finally, you need to optimize the reviews that you write for higher search engine visibility. Whether or not your content will attract the right kind of buyers will depend on the quality of your SEO. Remember to conduct good keyword research so that you don’t miss out on potential keywords or phrases.

Writing reviews that are also optimized for search engines will keep the traffic coming to your page long after the initial buzz. The more traffic you attract, the more money you can make online. It’s the SEO which will help you continue to make more sales on an affiliate product.


A great product review is that which helps buyers make a well-informed buying decision. The best part about these reviews is that they keep the cash flowing in for a number of years, long after you’ve published them on your blog.

5 Key Points to Consider While Writing Product Reviews
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