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5 Men’s DIY Fashion Hacks for this Fall

Fall is usually a difficult season for most of us guys to adapt to and this year is no exception.

You want to be a team player and look stylish when out on the town but buying an entirely new wardrobe is out of the question. Many of the trends you see on the runway or in magazines are impossible for normal guys to wear and too expensive to buy. That is where DIY fashion hacks come in.

A few simple twists and tweaks can let you wear some of your summer gear well into fall and breathe new life into old, forgotten clothes. Here are five easy ways you can update your wardrobe for the fall season.

1) Crop your old trousers or jeans

One of the most important styles this fall is cropped trousers, and it’s easy to feel like part of the team by cropping an old pair of jeans or pants. That is a great way of updating pieces you already own and making them more wearable. Don’t forget to measure the pants on your leg before you cut.

You want to cut around four inches from the end of the leg. You can use the side that you cut off as a gauge for the other pant leg. You can fray the edges to create a stylized look or use a lighter and burn the edges slightly to create a nice clean edge.

2) Three ways to use long belts.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the fall trend for long belts, and we love the trend as well. Thankfully, you can pick up cheap long belts with hoops from somewhere like Urban Outfitters and use them to hack your existing clothes in one of three ways.

Your first option is to wear the belt as normal with an old pair of jeans and thread the open end through the hoop and tuck it behind, letting it hang straight down. Option two is to use the long belt to stylize your bag, backpack or rucksack. Simply use the belt as a carrying strap to give yourself some extra style points.

The third options are to wrap the long belt around a long overcoat several times, which helps you follow fall trends for only the price of a new belt.

3) Cut the edges off your shirts

A cool trend this fall is for frayed edges, and it’s an easy style to emulate without having to buy any new pieces. Give your old button-down or long-sleeved shirts an edgy, rustic look with this simple DIY hack. Cut off the edges, the collar, and the pockets to create a frayed, raw look. This hack works best with old denim shirts that you’d long forgotten.

4) Pair turtlenecks with tucked in jackets

One favorite trend for this fall is turtlenecks; finally, they are getting the attention they deserve. They are super versatile: you can wear them as a sleek and sexy cashmere vibe or go wide and chunky. Pairing a turtleneck with a dapper suit or jacket and tucking one side of your jacket into your pants is a cool look this fall.

You want to wear a belt with your pants and tuck in your jacket into one side. You need to tuck it smoothly as you don’t want to create a bunched or crunched up look. Tucking in a jacket gives a lot more shape to the piece. You can also do this with a blazer or something more sophisticated and make it a bit more of a toned-down casual look.

5) Emulate plaid overcoats with standard plaid shirts

Last but not least, plaid overcoats are perfect for a flawless cold-weather look this fall. If you guys want to rock it, we would 100% recommend going to buy one. All the designers are making these for thousands of dollars, but you should be able to pick up a great plaid overcoat at a vintage or thrift store. You can also get the same retro look and feel by wearing one of your old plaid long-sleeved shirts.

A cool way to wear these shirts is to roll up your cuffs to the middle of your upper arm. You then roll up the rest of the arm a couple of times just to lock in the cuff. You’ll find this makes the cuffs look more interesting than simply rolling them up and helps your shirt keep its quality.

These five hacks should help you get extra mileage from your old or existing clothes and still stay in style this fall. We think these are the best trends that we can all wear in our everyday lives. They are all super awesome and easy to wear to create unique outfits that will help you take your style to the next level!

5 Men’s Diy Fashion Hacks for This Fall
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