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5 Tactics for Higher Conversions and Sales Online

If you are looking to get more sales and conversions online, you need the right set of strategies. Learn how to get more prospects into your funnel and avoid missing deals. The following tricks will help you crush the competition and dominate the market:

  • Attract
  • You must attract your target market first. If you fail to do this, none of the subsequent steps will matter because your prospect will never make it that far in your funnel. To grab their attention and pull them in, you need powerful headlines and copywriting that specifically propose a solution to their problem. For example, don’t say “Best Cars in New York” in your banner ad. Rather, say something like “Get the Best Value on Your Trade-In, Without Talking to the Bank!”

  • Intrigue
  • Of course, once you’ve attracted your core market, you must demonstrate your ability to help them. Start serving them with quality information on their needs. Remember to ask provocative questions and make bold statements to create intrigue. If you seem like every other service provider in your market, you won’t get the sale and your conversions will plummet. Tell them how you benefit them more than the competition. Do this in the form of a landing page or sales letter and go in depth.

  • Create Desire
  • It is not enough to capture their attention and present a few features of your offer. You must create images and thoughts in your prospect’s mind. Use emotional language that helps paint a picture of their dream life in the future (as a result of owning your product). This will help you convert more customers every time.

  • Test
  • Don’t rely on your intuition when running ads online. Use software to split test different messages. This way, you can see if a particular headline, color, or placement is responsible for higher click-through rates.

  • Follow Up
  • If you neglect to follow up with your customers, your competition could swoop in and steal them. Always attempt to solve problems and stay in your customer’s life after the sale. Consider creating an automated email sequence or phone call campaign to touch base every few weeks.

    When it comes to better conversions and sales, you must know more than your competitors. With your newfound knowledge, you are ready to implement the techniques it takes to win more online business. Don’t procrastinate, rather start executing on the advice today for maximum leverage.