5 Tips for Effective Content Marketing

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Content marketing is a simple, inexpensive form of marketing that offers a high return on investment for companies. “Content” can refer to a wide variety of formats, but the most often used include blog posts, articles, and on-page website copy.

This article offers five tips to help make a company’s content marketing efforts effective.

Content marketing is an easy, effective way to bring people to your business. Carried out through web page content, a company blog, and relevant articles with backlinks to your company, content marketing can successfully increase your search engine ranking. Better SEO allows more people to become exposed to your company, which leads to more sales. But how can you ensure your content marketing strategy is effective?

1. Write Information Your Customers Want

Imagine you are a customer for a moment. Now, think about what questions you may have. Those questions and their answers are the information you should use to craft blog posts and articles. Information your customers don’t want or need will be deemed a waste of time, and they will quickly move on to the next web page.

2. Write for Humans

Nearly everyone has gotten to an article on the internet which reads poorly, because it was set up only for the intention of web crawling, and not meant for human consumption. While effective for search engine ranking purposes, this method is not effective for turning readers into consumers, which is the whole point of content marketing.

3. Use the Right Keywords

Using the right keywords in your content is vital, as these will be words that direct customers to your site, based on the assumption you will fulfill answer the question they have. It wouldn’t make sense to utilize the keywords “leather sofa” or “quality laptop” for a company that provides marketing services.

4. Proper Keyword Density

Keyword density refers to the number of times a word is used versus the length of the entire article. If a keyword is used too much, it not only reads poorly but runs the risk of getting flagged by search bots. If you don’t use the keyword enough times, however, you won’t show up in search results at all. A keyword density of less than 3 percent is ineffective, but anything over 8 percent is excessive.

5. Blogs Need to Be Relevant to Your Company

When writing a blog post, you want to cover topics relevant to your company, because these posts will help direct traffic to your website. A marketing company may, for example, write posts about marketing strategies. A local zoo could write blogs about the different forms of wildlife they have on exhibit, and a clothing store may write pieces on the latest fashion trends.


If you incorporate these five simple tips into your content marketing strategy, you will see a significant increase in your campaign’s overall results. These results include more leads, sales, and engagement with your target audience. Results should continue to increase over time as you build a more solid online presence.

5 Tips for Effective Content Marketing
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