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5 Tips to Create Powerful Window Displays in Your Retail Store

By K. Ong

Your poorly lit and boring window display can turn away potential customers from entering your retail store. Take visual merchandising seriously and attract more customers. Here are five effective tips to create eye-catching and powerful window displays without breaking the bank.

Have a Theme or a Story to Tell

A well-thought assembly packs a punch, especially when it is done creatively. For instance, a hardware store can artfully arrange “flying” brooms and mops to channel witch-on-broomsticks during Halloween. Start with a story that relates to the season at hand and build your merchandise around that story.

Surprise Your Customers

If your window display is unpredictable and breathtaking, people will end up taking pictures with it as a background. It can even lure them inside your store. Some retailers even resort to digital displays in order to stand out. Use your imagination and create whimsical objects. You can cut out giant animals and fruits from foam board. You can create large cardboard rockets hitting a large globe. Go wild, use bold shapes and colors, and attract more people into your store.

Never Take Lighting for Granted

Window lighting must not be treated as an afterthought. The main purpose of lighting is to showcase focal points. When the light is properly angled towards your product, you end up with a wow-inducing window display that draws customers. Avoid shadows that are produced by lights that hang directly above the product. If you want, you can invest on a few spotlights to achieve a breathtaking look on your window display.

Go for the Clean Look

Keep it clean, and do not clutter your window display with a large assortment of products. Do not put every single item you want to sell on your window display because a cluttered look is off-putting and visually unappealing. It is best to showcase one or two products at a time. You can have a giant orb or a Christmas tree that is made of tennis balls, for example, as the overall impact is much more dramatic than displaying tennis balls alongside other sports paraphernalia.

Update Your Window Display Regularly

You may want to update your window display every one to two months. The lively pattern of changing the look of your retail store draws more people. You can rotate and touch up old window display ideas so that the task does not become too time-consuming for you. The important thing is that people notice a change on your window display from the time that they have last seen it.

5 Tips to Create Powerful Window Displays in Your Retail Store
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