5 Totally Free Things You Can Get at Your Post Office

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In this world where it seems like nothing is free anywhere, the post office still offers some useful items that are completely free of charge. The next time you’re at your local post office, check for these free items:

Free envelopes

If you mail items via priority mail, the post office will give you free priority mailing envelopes. There are several sizes of free envelopes available. The flat rate priority envelopes allow you to ship as many items as will fit in the envelope at a low, flat rate price. Think of how much you’ll save on shipping and mailing costs.

Free Tape

This is another way to save on shipping costs. If you plan on mailing your packages via priority mail, the post office will give you special packing tape free of charge. There’s no need to go to the office supply store and stand in a long line for packaging tape.
Free business brochures

The post office offers a variety of high-quality brochures with useful information on how to build your small business. You can find brochures on starting a mail-order business, building a mailing list, saving money on shipping, and many other topics. If you don’t see these brochures out on display, ask the person behind the counter.

Free pickup

The post office will pick up your packages and transport them to the post office free of charge. Packages must be mailed by either priority or express service and should have postage applied when your postal carrier arrives. Postage can be conveniently printed out at the USPS website. At the USPS website, you can also schedule a package pick up. Be sure to do this at least 24 hours in advance.

Free zip code information

If you go to the USPS website (www.usps.com), you can enter an address and get the zip code and extension for any address quickly and easily. Their website has other useful features such as a quick post office locator, a postage calculator, online package tracking, and much more.

It’s nice to know that there are still places you can get free products and services. The next time you visit your post office or their website, look for these useful, timesaving items.