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6 Google Chrome Extensions for Email Marketing Using Gmail

Using your Gmail account for bulk-emailing of promotional materials and other business correspondence may not sound like a good idea when there are numerous dedicated email marketing platforms to choose from.

But it could work and even help you sell more effectively, provided the email marketing involves small-scale deployments aimed at a carefully targeted list of contacts. In short, you are only emailing people who are receptive to getting email messages from you.

Compared to third-party email providers, Gmail rates high when it comes to ensuring inbox delivery. Most volume emails sent by third-party email providers to Gmail accounts tend to land in the recipient’s Promotions folder instead of the inbox. This is the main advantage of sending by way of the Gmail SMTP server.

Another advantage of Gmail email marketing is that there are various free power tools and plug-ins available to you if you use another Google product: the Google Chrome browser. From helping you create compelling newsletters to providing you with actionable insights via analytics, the Chrome browser enriches your Gmail email marketing.

Here are six useful extensions you might want to consider adding to your Chrome browser. They can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Web Store.

Gmail Email Marketing & Newsletter Creator

This free Chrome plug-in enhances your email marketing campaign via Gmail in multiple ways, including integrating seamlessly with your Gmail account as well as other Google Apps. For example, you can use it to repurpose blog content and import images from your Google Drive account for use in your email newsletter.

The Gmail Email Marketing & Newsletter Creator extension also has a Reports functionality that enables you to track your performance and identify weak areas in your marketing campaign strategy.

Sendtu: Email Marketing in Gmail

Well integrated with Gmail, the Sendtu add-on for Chrome provides you with a rich editing interface for creating professional newsletters. There are over a hundred email templates you can use with Gmail. Sandhu’s other features include a subscription management system and detailed reporting tools for monitoring the results of every campaign.

GMass: Powerful mail merge for Gmail

GMass is yet another effective email marketing solution for Gmail and Google Chrome users. Its mail-merge feature for email personalization is anchored in Google Sheets. For a lightweight extension, GMass comes packed with robust features.

There are reporting tools, mass-emailing scheduling, and tracking for recipient activities such as clicks and opens. Its most unique feature is that it enables sending of email messages as replies to the last correspondence with every recipient.

SalesHandy Email Tracking, Scheduling with Mail Merge

A terrific alternative to GMass, SalesHandy is a powerful companion to grow your subscriber base and reap benefits from every email marketing campaign you launch via Gmail.

The SalesHandy add-on for Chrome offers detailed analytics including tracking data on email attachments, precise email scheduling, mail-merge capability for personalizing your newsletters, automated follow-up emails, as well as numerous customizable templates.

ZeroPC Cloud Attach for Gmail

This high-performing Chrome browser plug-in is perfect if you use multiple platforms and devices and regularly sync your data to your various cloud accounts. ZeroPC Cloud Attach for Gmail can help your Gmail email marketing campaign by making it convenient and easy for you to embed multimedia files from your cloud accounts to your bulk mailings.

This free extension works with Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, Google Drive, Instagram, Photobucket, Picasa, SugarSync, SkyDrive, and many others.

Elink Collect & Share Web Links Visually

Both your content marketing and email marketing campaigns can benefit greatly from Elink’s rich features. With this lightweight add-on on your Google Chrome, you can quickly transform web postings into professionally designed newsletters.

Elink works best if you plan to send well-curated newsletters that center on a common topic and are sourced from a variety of online articles, videos, and product information pages. Elink also has built-in analytics for assessing subscriber engagement, as well as an intuitive real-time editing interface.

A study by Campaign Monitor shows that every dollar you spend on your email marketing translates to $44 in revenue. Thus, you might want to consider getting all the help available to you.

Wrestling with the intricate process of creating compelling, polished, and ROI-maximized newsletters, as well as tracking their performance, can be made easier with the right set of digital tools.