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6 Hacks to Improve Productivity in Your Online Business

If you have your own online business or are a freelancer, then you certainly enjoy the benefits of not having a boss micromanage you or throw unrealistic deadlines at you.

However, with this freedom also comes the sole responsibility for your productivity while continually setting and achieving new goals to promote growth in your business. When you’re calling all the shots, it’s all too easy to fall into the habit of procrastination, especially when a challenging new project or business goal is looming.

Alas, even the least motivated can quickly climb out of the pit of procrastination with these simple hacks for crushing your business goals and increasing productivity.

Identify the pain that not achieving this goal will cause you.

It’s believed that the best motivators are positive thoughts about your end goal. However, while you’re in the throes of procrastination, focusing on the discomfort that not accomplishing this goal would cause you to provide some pretty compelling inspiration to get you moving now.

Whether it’s the emotional stress of working for someone else in a dead-end job or the physical discomfort of living paycheck to paycheck, tapping into the feelings of discomfort will be your unseen ally when you’re tempted to put a task off for another day.

Understand the difference between your goals and your bigger goal and accomplish your goals.

The average person confuses their goals with their bigger goals. A goal is just one of the many simple and achievable steps, like adding two SEO friendly articles to your website a week or shooting test video for your YouTube show, you must take to accomplish your bigger goal.

Your bigger goal might be earning six figures from your online business or getting five new clients. The bigger goal is never achievable on its own, only the goals are. To conquer the bigger target you must sort out the goals you can effectively take action on that will result in having a six-figure online business or getting five clients. Do your goals, not your bigger goals.

Write your goals down and set a realistic completion date for each.

Those that write down their goals have greater success completing them. Though writing them down is effective, creating a realistic completion date for each is even better. That date becomes your silent accountability partner, gently nudging you on when procrastination begins to halt your productivity again. The set date needs to be a realistic timeframe in which you can believably complete this action.

Learn, grow, and be inspired.

Join a training program, hire a business mentor, or subscribe to the latest knowledge in your field to have an ongoing source of growth and positive motivation. Not only will you learn practical advice for accomplishing your objectives, but you will be infused with inspiration and encouragement from others that have walked the path before you.

Visualize your ideal result, your bigger goal.

Daily meditation, placing a picture of your mentor on your desk, or free-writing about your bigger goal are just a few ways you can utilize visualization to accomplish your goals. Though visualizing alone won’t get the job done, it will excite and motivate you to keep you crushing those goals when procrastination comes knocking on your door.

Team up with a powerful ally.

Equally impactful as having a mentor that’s already walked the path is to have a motivated teammate alongside you. Not only will your ally inspire you, but he will also provide accountability and be an ongoing creative resource. Together you can brainstorm and bounce ideas off each other and perhaps partner up to have a more significant impact and increase profits.

You will be astounded by how much you can accomplish by having a powerful ally on your journey.

So whether you’re a freelancer or have an online business, you can successfully overcome procrastination to get it all done. These simple hacks are sure to help you have an improvement in productivity and crush your goals.

Writer: Dina Robison
6 Hacks to Improve Productivity in Your Online Business
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