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6 Niches to Explore When Starting an E-commerce Store

E-commerce is an excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs, but a common hurdle is deciding what to sell. There are sites offering all kinds of products, uncovering niches that have surprisingly keen audiences. You could choose to find an untapped niche with limited competition, benefiting from uniqueness.

Alternatively, larger markets have numerous buyers and a far larger potential for growth. One effective option is to explore a large market, but drill down to a more specific aspect of the industry. The following niches all have large audiences, with the chance to carve out your own part of the market.


The beauty industry is extremely popular, but there are enough smaller niches to allow access for individual sellers. You could create a store focused on natural and organic products, appealing to healthy living audiences. Vegan alternatives are growing in popularity while offering low-cost makeup can help you stand out. Alternatively, you could focus on a specific product like face masks or soaps.


The fitness industry is highly competitive, but there are always people looking to get in shape. You could create a store selling supplements, focusing on a single brand or offering a range of products. While it can be hard to differentiate yourself in the fitness industry, proof of results is always effective. If you can get a number of testimonials from products users, converting browsers to sales becomes far easier.


Pet owners are often happy to spend money, with various product types available for store owners. Dogs are the most popular segment of the market, but you could focus on a less competitive market like rabbits or tropical fish. Toys are usually single purchases, while food can be a recurring sale. If you are dropshipping products, there are wholesalers offering huge inventories of pet products.


Gadgets are often impulsed purchases or excellent birthday gifts. You could create a store that stocked a wide range of gadgets from wholesalers. Alternatively, you could narrow the focus to selling particular items, with electronic items for gaming and smartphones remaining popular. Novelty items might sell well, but the interest can fade very quickly.


Fashion is another broad niche that covers entire clothing ranges or simple accessories. It can be difficult to compete with big brands, so you might prefer to focus on a targeted niche. Gym clothing and accessories will suit many people looking to be comfortable and stylish while working out. Hats, sunglasses, and jewelry are always popular, but you can also profit from doing something different.


Vintage items are popular across a range of niches, with customers looking for an easy way to get authentic products with a history. Items like watches, clothing, books, and bags have strong markets, though you can find smaller niches that have passionate fans.

If you can create a strong brand, dealers will often come to you with their stock, but you can also track down desirable items from individual sellers.

Choosing the right niche can save you a lot of time and effort in the future. You won’t just set up a store and attempt to sell products. The best sites are able to build brands, so everything you do will attempt to gain recognition for your products and customer service.

Attempting to shift the positioning your brand takes will be difficult, so it is better to get it right from the start. Consider the niches that most appeal to you, check to see they have commercial appeal, and start the process of setting up your store.