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IBM Study Reveals 3 Things Employees Think of Their Companies

Millennials will make up over half of the workforce by 2020. Despite this, not too many leaders and recruiters actually know that much about millennials. A study by IBM looked at 1,784 people from different generations to compare how millennial values stack up with that of Gen X and baby boomers. Their study debunked several myths about millennials, which we already covered here, and revealed these three uncomfortable truths about all three generations in the workplace:

1. Most employees don’t understand key elements of the company they work for. Over half of millennials don’t fully understand their company’s strategy, their manager’s expectations, what customers want, and their company’s brand. These rates were even higher among baby boomers but lower among Gen X.

2. Most employees think their company does a poor job addressing the customer experience. Sixty percent of millennials, 40% of Gen X, and 70% of baby boomers believe that their business is bad a handling customer service.

3. Most employees think their company does a bad job implementing the technology. Modern day workers have embraced new technology, but most of them believe their companies have yet to do the same. Survey respondents said the main reasons businesses have trouble implementing new technology are the impact technology would have on customer service (72%), the fact that leaders aren’t tech-savvy (44%), and the complexity of technology (44%). Only 4% of workers say their company has no problem implementing new technology.


IBM’s study found that millennials, baby boomers, and Gen X’ers all report similar levels of discontentment with their companies. Perhaps it’s time that companies start listening to their workers more and implementing new changes and updates. It would lead to higher levels of engagement and innovation – both of which drive the business’s bottom line.

IBM Study Reveals 3 Things Employees Think of Their Companies
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