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7 Free Android Apps for Small Business

Small business rarely has the luxury of paying lots of money to be productive. There are more important bills that need paying.

Thankfully, free apps can be as effective as paid ones, meaning you can get more work done on a budget. These hand-picked apps are perfect for any modern small business owner.


Producteev is an app designed to help you manage team projects. It may look like an online checklist, but there is more to the software. Users can collaborate with as many people as they want.

It’s easy to find projects and keep people on track using seamless updates. If you need full Windows integration, fast-tracked customer support, and color customization, you can purchase a premium version for $99 a month. Otherwise, the app is free forever.

Google My Business

Google has many services can be used by small businesses.

Google My Business is a hub for all small business activities.

A combination of Google Places for Business and Google+ Pages Dashboard, Google My Business gives owners access to information, conversations, and feedback, all in one place.

The consolidated resource makes keeping on top of your business’s online reputation easy.

Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office is a keystone of many small businesses.

With Microsoft Office Mobile, the basic Office suite is at your fingertips.

You can put the finishing touches on a PowerPoint project while you’re on the way to the office or continue working on a spreadsheet while you’re homesick.

It is available for phones and tablets running Windows, iOS, and Android.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is accounting software designed for personal and business uses. It allows users to track invoices, see profits and losses, and connect to the bank.

The interface is simple to understand, making adding new items easy. At tax time, the app can even file taxes. There is a 30-day free trial. The service costs $10 to $40 per month, depending on the features you want.

Business Plan in 5 Minutes

HyperQuestions has created a simple guide to making a business plan in the time it takes to make a microwave dinner. It goes through all of the questions a small business owner must ask when creating a new plan. Professional advice from hundreds of experienced professionals gives plenty of suggestions.

The app can predict words, making writing faster, and send the finished plan to the cloud.

Business Model Canvas Startup

This app provides the tools to create a new business model in a safe environment. Using the advice from a bestselling book, users are guided through creating a business plan.

They are able to test their plans and get visual feedback. The simulation can be broken down into demographics and price ranges. After using this app’s simple instructions, who would ever want to turn to anything else?


MindTools houses hundreds of articles, videos, and resources to hone your skills in the business world. It has advice on everything from leadership to risk analysis.

All of these concepts are discussed in a clean, simple way. The MindTools database is searchable, so you can find exactly what you need. The organization of information is easy to understand.

By the time someone is done reading these articles, they are a professional.

In the modern day, free apps are perfect for business owners on a budget. This list of apps can help the owners pay the bills, learn new skills, and add a few frills to the Q1 financial report.

There is no more reason to fuss over how things will get done. Everything is settled in a quick and easy manner.

7 Free Android Apps for Small Businesses
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