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7 Reasons Why Now is the Time for Brands to Go All-In on Voice Technology

Remember the days of old when companies thought all they had to do was stuff a bunch of keywords into a blog post and search engine traffic would automatically come their way?

Or when all you had to do was create a mobile-responsive version of your website and that was enough to connect with smartphone-enabled consumers?

Those days are definitely gone.

The future of business is rapidly changing and this time the change is being powered by voice technology.

Consumers are using their voices like never before, thanks to technology like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google’s Home, and a host of other voice-activated smart assistants.

No longer do consumers need to type their queries into a search engine. Thanks to voice-activated technology, consumers can now speak their questions in order to find immediate answers.

Voice technology is changing everything from how the internet works to how brands develop content marketing strategies and SEO outreach efforts. If your company has yet to develop a #voicefirst strategy, it is imperative you start contemplating a voice-activated future.

If you need further convincing of the impending impact of voice technology, the following are seven reasons you might want to adjust your thinking. Ready to discover the future of business?

1) Voice-enabled commerce is expected to explode in popularity over the coming years (

Brands making an early transition to voice-enabled commerce and e-commerce stand to reap the rewards of being early adopters.

Just like mobile technology offered a myriad of new opportunities for smart business leaders, so too will voice commerce offer ground-breaking opportunities to the wise.

2) With the launch of Tim Berners-Lee’s and, the power of voice technology is going to be even more prominent than it is today.

If the inventor of the internet is going all-in on voice-activated technology, doesn’t it make sense that your business should be investigating it too? Combining decentralization and voice technology is just the beginning for those savvy enough to explore the brand outreach opportunities offered by Sir Berners-Lee’s new startup.

3) Amazon is integrating voice technology into multiple facets of their business. From combining voice technology and Amazon Pay to voice-enabled e-commerce shopping, Amazon is going all-in on voice-enabled commerce.

If your business hopes to capitalize on Amazon as a distribution channel, integrating voice technology into your brand building efforts is a must.

4) Voice is becoming an integral part of interactive experiences for consumers. If your brand is considering adding interactive content to your content marketing strategy, developing experiences using the power of voice is crucial.

Companies like are already developing platforms for brands wanting to capitalize on the power of voice technology for their consumer outreach efforts.

5) Voice-activated technology is even making its way into health care. Companies like Google are already investing in voice-activated assistants for health care. Expect to see even more investment in this booming sector.

If mega-corporations like Google are investing heavily in the voice technology sector, doesn’t it make sense to explore your company’s opportunities with voice-enabled technology too?

6) Voice-activated internet browsing is already happening.

Business builders who understand that how the web is surfed is changing and integrate voice-enabled web browsing into their content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) strategy will be able to out-perform competitors in terms of audience acquisition.

7) A voice-enabled future will also be heavily influenced by artificial intelligence.

As voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home become smarter thanks to machine learning, expect to see even more households utilize voice assistants for their everyday lives.

Companies understanding the power of AI-enabled voice assistants and the ability to be inside their customers’ homes will benefit greatly from being early adopters of voice-enabled computing.

Voice-enabled computing will change the future of business.

Just as smartphones changed how companies interact with their customers, so too will voice technology.

Brands understanding this dramatic shift in consumer interactions stand to profit significantly when compared to those failing to understand the power of #voicefirst technology.

If your company isn’t already developing a growth strategy based on voice-enabled interactions with consumers, the time is now to get busy with creating a vision for the future of your company.

Wait much longer and your competitors might beat you to the punch.

7 Reasons Why Now is the Time for Brands to Go All-In on Voice Technology
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