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7 Spectacular Wedding Cake Trends for 2018

Can you believe that wedding cakes were once just something sweet to serve at your reception? Today’s wedding cake has become the central symbol of the wedding itself. You want your cake to be more than just delicious. You want it to be a gorgeous work of art that represents your union.

Make your cake all that and more. Start with these seven serious cake trends for 2018.


You’ll see natural, local and green as a focus of many upcoming weddings. That is tied to the use of fresh, regional décor like flowers and greenery found in the area.

Many wedding cakes will be fairly simple affairs with just a bit of green or a floral accent. You will even see beautiful slices of fresh fruit or berries incorporated into the design.


Another result of the popularity of green weddings is the naked cake. This trend developed from an idea that people don’t want huge piles of icing on their dessert.

Naked cakes are typically made to be a pretty, pale brown or tan color and are usually layered. There may be a hint of icing or filling between the layers, but for the most part, all you see is the cake.

Flowers and greens are sometimes used as decoration, and the cakes are usually on a stand made of wood or other organic material.
There is also a colorful variation of the naked cake where different colored layers are baked and then stacked.


Marbling is a wedding trend that is coming on like a wave from the ocean. You’ll see marbled place settings, marbled fabrics and definitely marbled cakes.

A marbled pattern creates a beautiful and sophisticated looking cake. You can use any colors you want, and you can add decoration like shiny ribbons.

The ombre trend isn’t new, but this color pattern isn’t going anywhere. An ombre pattern is one where a lighter color slowly morphs into a darker color or where on color becomes a darker version of itself.

Ombre designs can be gorgeously subtle or absolutely bright and bold. Any color is an option.


Whether it’s in current fashion trends or weddings, ruffles are seeing their time in the spotlight. Ruffles may typically be found on bridesmaids’ dresses, but many couples are adding them to the cake as well.

You can have a ruffled pattern on just one part of your cake or on every layer. Depending on the color and size of the ruffle, it can serve as an understated detail or as the main theme of the cake.

Ruffles work well on cakes because they give unexpected texture and make the cake come alive. They also add a romantic and whimsical detail.

Stained Glass

Choose a stained glass wedding cake as a stunning, dramatic focal point to your reception.

Stained glass cakes are hand painted to look like stained glass, and they can be true works of art. Many feature intricate, incredible designs.


With so much focus on understated, natural themes, you might wonder what has happened to bling. Don’t worry. Sparkle hasn’t gone anywhere.

Bedazzled brides have been a trend for several years, but now cakes are joining the fun.

Use sparkling ribbons as accent pieces, or have one or two layers of your cake completely covered in rhinestones. Or for a more subtle look, you can add just a smattering of sparkle all over.

Some couples even use antique brooches or other jewelry as decoration on the cake.

If you are planning for an upcoming wedding, let these seven trends spark your imagination when it comes to having the cake of your dreams. Whether your style is understated or over the top, you are sure to find something that you and your guests will always remember.