7 Tips for Content Marketing

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Content marketing is a straightforward, effective way to market on a limited budget. This method of marketing is popular with businesses of all sizes because content marketing offers a high return on investment for small upfront costs. This article discusses seven fast tips that companies can use to ensure their content marketing efforts are as effective as possible.

7 Tips for Content Marketing

Content marketing is an invaluable asset to all companies. With a high return on investment (ROI) and small upfront costs, content marketing is the perfect solution for businesses of all size.

For the highest return from content marketing, however, companies need to go about their campaigns the right way. It is not enough to produce mediocre content that is distributed at random intervals.

Content must be of the highest quality in today’s over-saturated market, and there should be at least a generalized posting schedule. The following fast tips can be immediately implemented by companies to effectively leverage the best results from content marketing.

1. Produce content for the customer, not the business. In other words, the content produced should be focused on the wants, needs, questions, and interests of the customer. The interests of the customer are not always the same as the interests of the company or content creator.

2. Diversify content offerings. “Content” does not only refer to digital written content like articles, blog posts, and on-page copy. It also refers to graphics, podcasts, videos, and white papers. To reach the largest portion of your target audience and keep things interesting for them, diversify the content formats you offer.

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Your company might decide, for example, to produce one shareable graphic per day, two blog posts per week, one video per month, and host a biweekly podcast.

3. Automate and pre-schedule where possible. Automating, whenever possible, can save a lot of time. Scheduling posts well in advance can keep websites and social media pages active if available marketing time becomes scarce. You can usually automate blog posts to be shared on social media channels and to email subscribers. You can also pre-schedule both blog posts and Facebook posts.

4. Repurpose content to save time. Companies can repurpose a lot of the content created to save time. For example, you can turn a blog post series into an eBook or flesh out an article to create a video.

You can reshare blog posts to social media at later dates, and companies can even turn an email series into a podcast. The possibilities for repurposing content are endless, with a little imagination and effort.

5. Utilize CTAs to their fullest potential. Companies should ensure they not only include call-to-actions on all their content but that those CTAs are crafted properly. Call-to-actions should be clear, concise, and prompt consumers to do a single task, not several.

6. Develop a cross-channel posting schedule. Don’t assume posting content at random will garner the results you’re hoping for. While it is always okay to post to social media pages outside of normally scheduled times, companies need to develop a cross-channel posting schedule they can realistically adhere to.

Consider the days and times your company will post to their blog, social media platforms, and any other relevant channels.

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7. Always stay true to your brand. Regardless of what format the content is, always ensure it carries your brand’s voice and message. Once potential customers know what to expect from your company, they don’t want any surprises. Staying true to your brand also helps people instantly recognize your company.


Content marketing is an invaluable asset to all company marketing campaigns. To achieve the highest ROI, however, content marketing must be leveraged effectively. The seven fast tips listed above can help companies feel confident in their content marketing efforts and ensure the highest return on investment.

7 Tips for Content Marketing
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