7 Ways to Make Money Using a Smartphone or Other Connected Device

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Making money online doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.

In fact, the sites and platforms that people already use on a daily basis can become a reliable source of income.

This article defines 7 ways that anyone can earn money using their smartphone or other connected devices.

Smartphones and other connected devices are everywhere, but the vast majority of people only use them for entertainment. They’ll spend countless hours on social media sites, watching videos, and playing games. In other words, they waste a lot of time doing nothing productive.

The truth is, these gadgets are useful for more than just fun and entertainment. While they’re certainly great time wasters, they’re also extremely useful tools for making money.

In fact, there are many people who make a great living using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. In some cases, the device and a little bit of focus are the only things that are needed. Other times, a person may need some other items, but the device is an integral part of the puzzle.

Digital Classified Ads

Earning money on digital classified ad sites like Craigslist doesn’t take much. All a person really needs is something to sell, an account with the service, a connected device with a camera, and a little bit of time. In fact, most people already have everything they need to get going with digital classified ads.

What Kinds of Things Sell?

Just about anything of value can be sold on a classified ads site. Clothing, shoes, jewelry, electronics, cars and trucks, firewood, the list goes on. The easiest place for a person to start is by looking at the items they already own that they no longer need or want.

A few pictures, a description, and a fair price will make a sale pretty quickly. Another way to do it is to find items that other people are giving away and listing them. These are only going to be one-time sales unless the person has multiples of an item. The earnings will depend on what the person is selling and how much they’re asking.

Services Are Always HOT Sellers

People regularly offer housekeeping, lawn care, pet sitting, automobile repair, writing, web services, and thousands of other services on digital classified ad sites.

It’s a great way for a business or individual to attract customers, build a loyal customer base, and improve their financial situation. As long as the service is legal and legitimate, and the prices are competitive, a person can easily make some money.

Sell on Online Auction Sites

Sites like eBay are a great way to make money and clear out the clutter. In fact, they’ve been around for a long time and thousands of people consistently sell items on the platform every single day. They do all the advertising and provide all the tools a person needs to get started and succeed.

What Kinds of Things Sell?

Anything and everything sells on eBay. The most popular category is clothing, shoes, and accessories, followed by electronics, but those are just the tip of the iceberg. There are endless customers looking for endless items.

Just about everyone has some valuable stuff packed into boxes, tucked in a closet, or straight up cluttering their space. Some of that stuff is highly sought after and people will scoop it up for top dollar if they see it. Sometimes, they’ll even get into a bidding war that ends with the item selling for huge amounts.

Finding Things to Sell

As mentioned, the first place for a person to look is their own stuff. People also sell things they find for free on an online classified site, next to the curb, or on a social media giveaway group. Others go to second-hand and thrift stores to search for treasures and bargains they can resell. Some people will offer to clean out other people’s basements, attics, spare rooms, garages, and storage units.

They’ll charge them for the cleaning and hauling away the stuff. Then, they sell the good stuff they find on eBay.

Become an Amazon Seller

Amazon is huge. It’s the most convenient, fast, and easy way to buy anything from toilet paper to a new computer. What most people don’t realize, however, is that selling on Amazon is actually one of the best ways to earn a good living online. What makes it so appealing is that Amazon’s site gets hundreds of millions of unique visitors every day and they do all the advertising to get customers to shop.

What’s The Best Thing To Sell?

Well, the number one thing that Amazon is known for selling is books. Yep, real books, well ebooks too. There are people who do nothing but sell books on Amazon and they make a killing. Electronics, jewelry, clothing, shoes, and accessories round out the top categories for sellers on Amazon.

While new items are certainly the best things to sell, used things are also pretty popular. Some sellers do quite well with used electronics like VCRs (yes, even in 2019), old stereo equipment, cameras, and printers.

Finding Items To Sell

There are all kinds of places to find inventory to sell on Amazon. Just like on eBay, the first place a seller should look in their own home. Of course, thrift stores, discount retailers, and other places that sell merchandise are great sources as well.

Dropshipping companies and wholesalers are everywhere and there is an endless number of products a person can invest in and resell. The only thing to keep in mind is whether or not there is a market for the item. If not, it’s not worth investing in.

Sell Art and Crafts on Etsy

Although people do sell handcrafted, vintage, or one-of-a-kind items on Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon, there’s a better place. Artists, jewelry makers, interior designers, craftspeople and collectors use Etsy. It’s the perfect platform to showcase and sell their work to a global audience.

It’s also a fantastic place to sell art and craft supplies to other sellers. The site gets around 200 million unique visits every month, that’s a huge number of customers… A seller’s dream.

What’s the Best Thing To Sell?

People shop on Etsy to find unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade, vintage, and collector’s items. That’s a pretty broad description, but it’s accurate. Anything that has been hand-created is welcome on the site and there’s likely to be an audience for it.

Just about anything found in a craft store is also a good product for Etsy. Beads, bobbles, paint, yarn, jewelry findings, fabric, and other craft items are always in demand. Natural items like pine needles, pine cones, bark, stones, and anything else found in nature also has a propensity to sell.

Social Media Selling

Instead of endlessly scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media site feed turn them into a source of income. People are selling and buying stuff every single day. How? Well, they’re either joining garage sale groups, posting in platform’s marketplace, or selling directly through their own profiles.

It’s not hard. In fact, it’s no different than sharing a post or making a comment. Buyers and sellers usually meet in person so remember to use caution. Never go alone and always meet in a public place.

What’s the Best Thing To Sell?

Hard to say. However, clothes, kids toys, and games, electronics, furniture, cars and trucks, even a house can be sold on social media. Some people even do well-selling car parts, junk metal, topsoil, garden plants, and other weird items.

The best thing to sell really does depend on the area, the demand for the item, and its condition. Most personal items will sell if they’re clean, in good working order, and priced right. A person can also sell their services through social media. In other words, the sky’s the limit.

Drive for a Rideshare Company

Rideshare companies are a great way for a person to earn a paycheck. They offer part-time and full-time positions, making it a flexible option. But money isn’t the only thing that attracts drivers to rideshare apps. Over half of all Uber and Lyft drivers are over 50.

Some are retired, just looking for something to do, others want a little companionship, and others just need to get out of the house. It’s also a good option for someone who likes to be independent and in charge of their own time.

Finding Customers

Everything goes through the Uber or Lyft app so there’s no need to advertise or go out and find customers who need a ride. If a person needs a ride in a driver’s area, they open the app, request a ride, confirm the pickup location and the driver accepts the trip request. Simple.

When the vehicle is a minute or so away, the customer gets a notice so they’re ready when it arrives. The driver picks them up, take them to their destination, and gets paid. Drivers and passengers can also rate one another, and sometimes, riders will even leave a tip for an exceptional driver.

Online Services For Offline Businesses

No matter how small a business is, it’s important that they’ve got some kind of internet presence. In fact, some marketing experts and business consultants say that it’s absolutely essential. Otherwise, those little businesses in those little towns will fade away or be swallowed up by deep-pocketed corporations.

A person who has the skills and experience to design websites, create content, film videos, or perform online marketing can make good money helping these businesses.

Finding Customers

Just about every business owner knows they should be doing something online. Most of them either don’t know what they should do, or they don’t know how to do it. The rest just haven’t even thought about it because they don’t sell anything online.

Explain the importance of having a website, writing blogs, posting to social media accounts, and creating other content in a competitive marketplace. Even if they aren’t interested in e-commerce, an online presence will help drive traffic to their physical location so they can make more sales.


Most people spend their time playing with their devices and wasting their time. A smart person, on the other hand, will use that device as a tool to make money every day. They’ll research opportunities like the ones mentioned here, and take full advantage of their time, energy, resources, and technology.

What starts out as a part-time endeavor may well turn into a highly profitable business that thrives.

7 Ways to Make Money Using a Smartphone or Other Connected Device
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