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8 Ways to Know When You Should Fire an Employee

Hiring the right people for your company is the first step to assembling the perfect team. Firing people is the second, and far more unpleasant, step in creating your team. You should let go of bad employees and replace them with better workers. How can you tell which employees, if any, you should let go? Here are eight signs to look for:

1. They are underperforming. If your employee is not performing their job well enough, it is time for them to step up their game or go. Your workers must be putting in their best effort every day to get the results expected of them. If you’re providing a decent salary, benefits, and suitable office space, they should repay you with their hard work and effort.

2. They lack enthusiasm. Does your employee dread come into work every day? If they do not have any passion, they will not have a great performance either. You may want to replace them with someone who does want to be there. It’s totally normal for workers to hate waking up on Mondays, but this kind of attitude can easily impact their work ethic. You don’t want someone who hates being stuck in the office.

3. They create drama. No workplace needs drama. If your employee is starting arguments and creating conflicts, perhaps your team would be better without them. Petty fights and gossip will do nothing but bring the entire team down. Sure, a bit of office politics might be amusing to watch, granted you’re not involved, but it’s bad for everyone in the long run.

4. They do not fit in with your company culture. Company culture can be hard to create and easy to break. One terrible employee might end up ruining it for everyone else. Every employee should contribute to building and fostering a healthy work environment. If someone is not doing that, find someone else who will.
5. They cannot grow. All great companies must adapt to changes in order to survive. Your company cannot change or grow unless your employees are willing to do the same.

6. They have a bad attitude. A single miserable employee will spread their attitude to everyone else around them. That is not to say that employees are not allowed to be sad or disappointed, but you should not keep around anyone who is always negative, hostile, aggressive, or unpleasant.

7. People are complaining. If your employee constantly receives complaints from customers, coworkers, or upper management, they should address the problem or leave the company. Listen to your staff members and attempt to get to the bottom of the problem. Someone might be out of place if they don’t fit in well with the rest of the group.

8. They have already been warned. Most leaders want to see the best in people, and they should! It’s great to give people second or even third chances at redemption. However, employees who refuse to change their bad behavior are not worth having. Some workers have a “my way or the highway” attitude, making it impossible for them to accept any sort of change or criticism. Be flexible with them, but know where and when to draw the line.

It’s hard to let an employee go, but it’s even harder to keep someone who is bringing the company down with them. As always, you should give people the benefit of the doubt when you can. Make sure everyone has the same opportunity to learn and grow, but get rid of people who won’t help your bottom line. Everyone will thank you for it.

8 Ways to Know When You Should Fire an Employee
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