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A Newbie’s Guide to Social Media: How to Market Your Brand Using Twitter

Launching a new company is one of the most challenging experiences you’ll ever have. Whether you’re marketing a product or service, it’s important that you utilize social media networking as much as possible. Social media enables you to quickly share information with your customers and potential clients, but it also gives you an edge. You’ll be able to promote sales, directly contact customers, and respond quickly to client questions. Even if you’ve never used Twitter before, it’s possible to create social media pages that your clients will love and that will help you to expand your brand.

Choose the same name

When you first create a Twitter account, you’ll need to choose a Twitter handle. This username is what you’ll use to log in to your account, but it will also be the name that people see when they tweet at you. Make sure that the username you pick is the same one that you’re using for other websites.

It is absolutely essential that you, as a brand, use the same usernames. This helps clients find you quickly and easily. Chances are that most customers won’t remember a handful of usernames, but if they remember that your name is HappyLunchesForKidsLLC on one platform, for example, then they’ll also be able to locate you on other platforms.

Install your profile picture 

One of the first things you need to do is install a profile picture. This shouldn’t be a selfie or random snapshot. Your profile picture is the first thing clients will see, so it should reflect your brand. Consider uploading your company logo, an image of your motto or catchphrase, a picture of your storefront or another company-related image.

Create a header image

Similar to your profile picture, your header image is one of the first things clients will notice. Ideally, this could be a picture of your products, a copy of your mission statement or even your company logo. Your header image should be professional and clear. Never upload a blurry image.

Follow relevant accounts

Once you have an active Twitter account, you’ll want to follow relevant users. If you run a grocery store, for example, you could follow brands that you carry in your store. Another option would be to follow recipe or cooking accounts. If you’re a writer and you’re marketing your writing services, you could follow publishers, literary agents, and other writers.

While following relevant accounts won’t necessarily give you a huge following right away, it will give you a newsfeed full of information that you can retweet. Retweeting is a quick way to share updates with your followers that you didn’t have to create yourself. It also gives a shout-out to the account you’re retweeting. This helps you build a reputation for being friendly and outgoing with other Twitter users.

Tweet to followers

When someone follows you on Twitter, try to take the time to say hello. Simply tweeting to the person with a friendly, “Thanks for following,” can go a long way in helping you develop new relationships. You could also respond to their recent posts, though remember to keep your response positive and polite. When someone follows you and asks a question, make sure that you respond as quickly as possible.

Stay professional

No matter what type of company you run or what type of business you work for, make sure that you remain professional on your new Twitter account. While it can be easy to become upset or frustrated with another Internet user, remember that what you say can be saved forever. If you are rude, impolite or mean to a customer, people will remember. Unfortunately, this can damage your brand’s reputation. When you use your company account, always remain as professional as possible.

One of the most important things that any brand can do is to remain consistent. Unfortunately, using Twitter takes some time to master. You may not have a hundred new followers your first day, but you can begin tweeting and writing posts that people will share and that people will get excited about. Remember to post as regularly as possible. People will share and look forward to your posts, but they can’t do this if you don’t update your account.