Advertising for Dummies: How to Promote Your Small Business

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Trying to gain new customers is a huge challenge for any business.

If you run a small company, marketing can be even more difficult. While you may not have the endless funds that a large corporation does, it is possible for a family-owned business to gain new customers and increase sales even on a budget.

While marketing to new customers is something that can take time, rest assured that the benefits will be well worth the effort.

First off, make sure that you target your local area as much as possible. Post flyers, signs, and banners where your clientele will see them. Hand out coupons to customers who walk by the front of your store.

You can even run an ad in your local newspaper. If you want to promote your family-owned business as being friendly to local consumers, the easiest way to do this is to get involved with your community and showing them that you really do care about their business.

Another important step in marketing is to create social media sites for your company.

While many small businesses don’t want to waste time with social media, the truth is that many consumers will check your Facebook or Twitter page instead of calling with questions.

If you want to run sales, promote a new product, or let your customers know about new business hours, you can easily do this with the right social media accounts. Make sure that you update these accounts on a regular basis. Remember that not all of your posts have to be related to sales.

It’s perfectly acceptable to make posts with inspiring quotes or to thank your customers for being so wonderful.

Additionally, a website can be an incredibly valuable asset when it comes to reaching new customers.

If you have clients who move away but who still want to purchase your products, a website will let them do this. Customers may also want to check out your website to find out more about the history of your business or to learn more about you and your staff. 

Finally, always offer great customer service at your store.

Let your clients know how much you care and they’ll be sure to return. Thank each person who buys something and is polite even when someone doesn’t make a purchase.

If someone feels unhappy with a purchase or their experience at your store, try your best to make it better. While you can’t please everyone, going out of your way to correct mistakes is a wonderful form of advertising.