Thursday, March 21, 2019
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An Exciting New Feature Added To Google My Business

There’s been a great new feature released for users of Google My Business. You’ll find it in the insights area of your account, where you’re now able to track the view counts of the photos you’ve uploaded for your business. This is an exciting capability that many business owners have been wanting to see for a long time, so it’s nice to see that Google responded to that clear level of interest and came up with something so useful.             <
While knowing how many times your business’ photos are being viewed by Google users is helpful in itself, the new Google My Business feature goes way beyond that. It also gives you the chance to see how well your photos are working for your business compared to those of your competitors. From the dashboard of your Google My Business account, under insights, you’ll see a helpful graphic that shows the view counts of your photos in the form of a blue line, while a red line indicates the views that are being generated by other businesses that operate in your local market. Comparing how your photos are doing when they are put up against those of your competitors can help you identify opportunities for improvement. If your photos are being outperformed, then take a look at the ones that are doing better and see why that’s that case.

You can also use this data to find the types of photos are working well for your business, which will help you make better decisions going forward. For example, if people are responding well to pictures that highlight your merchandise but aren’t taking the time to look at images of the exterior of your store, then you can adjust your future photo uploads accordingly and add more of what people want to actually see.

Hop into your Google My Business account today and take a look at how your business’ photos are performing. This is a feature that you should be accessing regularly if you want to ensure your online marketing efforts are producing the best possible results.